Makeup List for Indian Bride: Checklist

The wedding season in India is coming up and the brides must be busy making their wedding trousseau. From clothes, footwear, accessories, makeup products… the list is endless. Moreover, the list always seems incomplete. We can understand the confusion, hence here is the makeup list for Indian bride and we will be sharing all other lists as well very soon! Exciting isn’t it? We are too!

So when it comes to the makeup list for Indian bride, you need to keep in mind a lot of things. If you are working women, you need to attend your duties as a bride now! Your honeymoon must be scheduled and so many visits to various relatives and places. Phew! That’s a lot and you need to be ready with the following makeup products to look just the best…

makeup list for Indian bride

Makeup list for Indian Bride


First things first! You cannot skip on the primer. So the first product on makeup list for Indian bride is the Primer. It will hide your pores and fine lines thus giving a clean creaseless look to your makeup. This primer is the first thing on your skin has to be the best and should also understand the form of your skin. Recommendations are:

  • Mac Prep + Prime Face Protect
  • Clinique

So the second product in makeup list for Indian bride is a foundation. Never make a mistake of choosing the wrong product in the wrong color. Try and buy your foundation for it will help you take a closer look if the product works fine. Make sure it matches your skin tone completely and do not give a superficial look to your makeup. Recommendations:

  • Mac studio sculpt foundation
  • Kryolan TV paint stick
  • Maybelline dream liquid mousse foundation

We all have dark spots or blemishes and trust me there’s nothing bad in that! What else are these concealers for? Also, the stress and tiredness can cause some breakouts or skin issues, concealers will get you covered at that time! Use these to brighten your under-eye areas and hide any dark spots. The one concealer that Indian brides swear by is NARS but we do have other recommendations:

  • Mac Studio Finish
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal HD


makeup list for Indian bride


You need that little sparkle girl! In your life as well as your in your makeup list for Indian bride. Want to highlight your best features, use highlighters!  Put it above your eyebrows, cheekbones and the lower lip. It will attract the eyes towards the best parts of your face! Our recommendations:

  • Bobbi Brown highlighting powder
  • Lakme absolute highlighter



The chiseled face magic is created by the blush! Also, don’t forget to buy a suitable brush for it. So make a duck face and with outward upward strokes apply the blush on your cheekbones and the temple area. You are ready for the best pictures! Our Recommendations:

  • NYX
  • Mac
  • Lakme

What exactly is a makeup look without the lipstick?! As it’s the makeup list for Indian bride, get ready to stock them up! Buy a couple of reds, a few pinks and don’t forget the nudes… LOL, basically you can never have enough lipsticks. However, consider your skin tone while choosing a color. While the bold red looks hot on fair skin, nudes rock the dusky complexion like nothing else. Our recommendations:

  • Maybelline
  • Lakme
  • Mac

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A perfect eye shadow palette, eyeliner, and Kajal of course and you are sorted. You can buy the colored eyeliners if you love to play with the eye makeup. Moreover, if you like to keep it subtle, just the black one would do. Eye shadow palette actually you need two, one for the dark and other for the bright colorful eyes. After all, you need to match them up with your attire! So another addition to makeup list for Indian bride is some good eye makeup. When it comes to eyes, we swear by:

  • Maybelline
  • Mac

makeup list for Indian bride



All decked up and plain nails…. How disappointing is that! Yes, you have the option to go get the nails done from a professional but what if you are running short of time? For those days, the makeup list for Indian bride must contain at least 4 basic nail paints. Not to forget, red nails are always in! Ok so if you need some brand recommendations,

  • OPI nail liquor


Apart from these mainstream products, make sure your makeup list for Indian bride also contains: hand cream, a good moisturizer, perfumes, lip balm, foot cream, and some deodorants! Stay glued… more on Indian weddings coming up! Follow us on Facebook.

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