When it comes to looking glamorous, the obsession with fair skin is fading away. The beautiful wheatish complexion is one big advantage when it comes to flaunting your makeup skills. Especially for the brides who are getting married soon, these makeup tips for wheatish complexion can help add that extra gorgeousness to your look.

Majority of Indians have wheatish complexion which is neither too fair nor too dark. Many people believe that a person with wheatish complexion can’t do much with makeup. However, this is one big myth which we are going to burst today! We will be sharing the makeup tips for wheatish complexion depending on the occasion and time of the day…

Makeup tips for wheatish complexion
Choose the right foundation

The worst mistake you can do is to buy the wrong foundation for yourself. Choose Foundation that is closest to your skin tone. Also, make sure to buy a good quality foundation. Anything that looks chappy on your face will be the worst thing you can do to your face.  Simple makeup tips for wheatish complexion:

  • If you have dry skin, choose a cream based foundation.
  • Make sure to cover your neck and ears as well with the foundation otherwise the skin tone won’t match.
  • If you have oily skin, pick a water-based foundation.
  • If you feel like you are not finding that perfect shade, try mix and match the shades to get your shade.


Eyes are your thing

Make sure to highlight your eyes. Nothing makes the copper and dull gold shades look good than the wheatish complexion. So the best makeup tips for wheatish complexion involves the right palette for eye makeup. Simple tips would be:

  • Use the copper, rose gold, dull gold shades for your eye shadow.
  • Put on the black or brown eyeliner.
  • Use false eyelashes to enhance the look.


Makeup tips for Wheatish Complexion

Lipstick that speaks

 Nudes are made for the wheatish complexion. You can play with the shades like berry, burgundy, plum or any nudes! Sometimes the shade berry red looks super hawwwt on dusky skin. Try out if it works for you as well… Choosing a nude lip shade is the super makeup tips for wheatish complexion.


So if you have a wheatish complexion and someone tells you to go avoid makeup, don’t even pay any heed! Keep these makeup tips for wheatish complexion in mind and go ahead flaunt that look! For more, follow us on Facebook.

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