Malaika talked about her divorce and how her son reacted to it


Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan made a lovely couple and were much in love until they announced their separation in the year 2016. The couple later filed for divorce in November 2016 and was granted a divorce in 2017. The custody of their son remained with Malaika while Arbaaz has access to his son whenever he wants.


Even after the divorce, they both never really talked about the reasons why they chose separate paths. They were seen many times partying together and spending time with their son. There were many rumors about Malaika not been able to adjust in the Khan family or the affairs. Nevertheless, everything proved to be just made for defaming the couple and their families as Malaika has finally talked openly about the matter.


Malaika recently came as a guest on her BFF Kareena Kapoor’s radio show “What Women Want”. The topic of discussion on divorce. Here Malaika spilled all the beans and for the very first time revealed the real reason for ending her 18-year long wedding. The actress said,

“For me, happiness is most important. Even if it means I have to take such a major decision in life. We actually did think about a lot of things and weighed every pro and con. It’s then that we decided that it’s better off that we move our separate ways because we’d just be happier people.”  Malaika further added, “we were two people in a situation making each other extremely unhappy which was impacting the lives of everybody around us.”


A snapshot from the show “What Women Want”. 

Malaika talked about her divorce and how her son reacted to it

On being asked what was the reaction of her family and close ones, Malaika gave a clear answer. She said, “Even a night before I was getting divorced I had my family sitting with me and ask me yet again, “are you sure? Are you 100% sure about your decision?” She also said, “These are the people who actually care and hence they will ask this of course”.

Furthermore, on being asked how her son reacted to the whole situation, she said, “ I would want to see my child in a happy environment than being in an environment which is unpleasant.” She also mentioned that her son Arhaan himself says that he is happy to see how happy I am after the separation

Well, having said all of that seems like everything really does happen for a good reason. The couple has moved on from their relation. Arbaaz is dating Georgia Andriani and has made his relationship official while there are rumors of Malaika dating Arjun Kapoor.

Here’s a glimpse of the episode where Malaika talked about her divorce and how her son reacted to it:



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