Menstrual Hygiene 

Menstruation is a sign of reproductive health of a female. The more important it is to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene, the fewer people talk about it. Although it is a natural biological process, still it is treated with negativity and shame. The consequences are such that young girls who are new to the menstruation phase often remain unaware of the basics.

“Little knowledge is dangerous” all of us have come across this quote. This applies very aptly in here. The girls who are unaware of the basic information about menstruation often fall prey to misconceptions. Moreover, these young women put on stake the most important aspect which is menstrual hygiene. Menstrual cleanliness, menstrual well-being, and hygiene should be talked about more. It should be discussed with detail and awareness should be spread so that the females are safe and healthy.


Menstrual Hygiene

How to maintain menstrual hygiene.

Use Sanitary Pads

Thanks to the movie Padman, it was revealed that a large group of women still use the piece of dirty clothes. First of all, before we talk about the detailed menstrual hygiene, start with using the sanitary pads. There are so many brands in the market, many providing the pads at the lowest possible cost. Make sure you hand over a pack of pads to the menstruating female and not cloth. Using clothes tend to increase bacterial infections.

Change your Pad every 5 to 6 hours

The most vital part of menstrual hygiene is to change your pads or tampons every 5 to 6 hours. Once the flow gets on your pad, it attracts a lot of organisms from the body. With these, there occurs irritation, rashes and worst of all Urinary Tract Infection.

Wash Properly

Every time you change your pad if possible wash your vagina properly. You don’t need to use any soaps or washes for the same. Just some plain water would help maintain menstrual hygiene. It is advisable to wash the vagina back to front and not front to back.

Wear Comfortable clothing

Sometimes in order to keep the pad in place, we tend to wear tight clothes. Well, this is a wrong technique indeed. Choose comfortable, cotton clothes preferably and allow your skin to breathe. Also, change your innerwear everyday or twice a day while you are menstruating.


Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene is the most important thing to maintain the biological health of a female. It is important to also take care of trivial things which we often ignore. That be

  • Washing your hands properly everytime you use the restrooms.
  • Dispose of your pads properly. Wrap the pads properly before you dispose of them off in your trash cans. Never flush!
  • Even if you experience heavy flow, keeping the menstrual hygiene in mind, you should not go for two pads simultaneously. The best part would be to change the pad frequently.
  • Keep your commodes clean. Use an antiseptic to clean them and preferably use the covers.


Take menstrual hygiene seriously to make sure you raise healthy women. For more health and fitness, articles click here, also follow us on Facebook.

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