Weekend getaway Morni Hills Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a clean, green and beautiful city in the north. This Union Territory has a vibe that is unique. The carefree happy people, lush greens, the peppy fashion sense also the larger than life livelihood. Everything makes Chandigarh a dream city to live in. Moreover, there are a lot of hill stations near Chandigarh, Shimla being the main attraction. However, if you are planning just for a day trip, you can opt for the calms of Kasauli. The little less explored place is Morni Hills.

However, if you are in Chandigarh and you don’t wish to drive much, this is the place! Moreover, you can just pack a picnic basket and take your family for a Sunday afternoon. Also take your barbeque along and enjoy the mesmerizing evenings on the lake shore. Sounds dreamy isn’t it?


morni hills chandigarh

More about Morni Hills Chandigarh

Firstly, the place is exactly located in Panchkula Haryana, a part of Chandigarh tri-city. It is also a popular destination for tourists and locals. The road from Panchkula to Morni Hills is scenic and is covered mostly with hills and the dense jungle. However, a lot of resorts and eating joints have opened up in the area which makes the place even more accessible and fun.

On the way, you will find an adventure park amazingly done with blossoming flowers, adventure sports and a lot of corners to get clicked! There is a minimal cost kept as entry fee and in there you can enjoy bird watching, boating, and many other activities. The food at Morni Hills Chandigarh is easily available and it’s delicious too!


morni hills chandigarh


The thing that you can’t miss is Tikkar Taal. A calm, serene and beautiful location with the lake on the one side and mountains on the other. You feel like you are wrapped in a warm hug of nature. Lie down on the grass, do some barbeque, enjoy the scenic view as you calm your mind of all the worries!

How to reach Morni Hills Chandigarh

The local buses do run on the route but what is advisable is to take a cab to Morni Hills Chandigarh. If you are driving in your own car, you are sorted. If not, opt for a taxi from Panchkula which would cost you around Rs 1000 for a day trip to Morni Hills Chandigarh.

Where to Stay

Recently, a lot of beautiful places have come up in the Morni Hills Chandigarh. If you would like a luxurious stay, opt for Redwood Resorts. For living nearest to nature, Tapovan farm stay is highly recommended.


So, next time you plan for a weekend getaway, opt for Morni Hills Chandigarh. For more updates, follow us on Facebook!

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