Nainital honeymoon places every newlywed should visit

Want to get rid of the post-wedding weariness? These exotic Nainital honeymoon places are your calling. Amidst the mighty mountains and serene lakes, Nainital is a soothing retreat for any married couple. However, these days there is this trend of visiting foreign locations but when you get the same vibe here in your own country, what better? You can visit Nainital in any season, as all seasons in this Uttrakhand hill station has its own charm. Where winters have the snow-clad mountains, summers reveal the colors of gorgeous flowers!

Nainital honeymoon places should be your first choice for its pleasant weather, unadulterated view, and valleys. So if you are planning to visit this lovely hill station, keep these Nainital honeymoon places in mind.

nainital honeymoon places

Naini Lake

The lifeline of Nainital. One of the most popular tourist attraction and the most beautiful lake you will see. You can enjoy the romantic boating, yachting ride amidst the tall mighty mountains with colorful boats riding all around.  The best time to visit the lake is during the sunset when the panoramic view makes your evenings romantic. Out of all other Nainital honeymoon places, Naini Lake is by far the most beautiful.

Naini Peak

Are you both adventure freaks? Visit the highest peak of Nainital. The exquisite view of Nainital city from the top as you sit in the snow-covered Himalayas. To make the most of these Nainital honeymoon places, try and wake up a little early. Trek to the top of the peak enjoying the majestic path. Don’t forget to savor your cup of tea together as you welcome the sun on the top!

nainital honeymoon places

Snow Viewpoint

One of the oldest viewpoint in Nainital is definitely a must-visit amongst all Nainital honeymoon places. There are many ways to reach the place. It has a motorable road, beautiful ropeway and trek is another option. Considering you would like your ride to be a lot more romantic, we suggest you take the aerial ropeway. There are shops for refreshment over there and the place can be visited from 10 am to 5 pm.


Another lake with utmost serenity with green mighty mountains around the lake. The small island in the lake adds beauty to this already so gorgeous place. If you are visiting Nainital, Bhimtal shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Splendid views of nature, your partner by your side and serenity all around. What else you can ask for?

nainital honeymoon places


Known as the gateway to Naini Lake, Jeolikot is a paradise for sure. This one is again the much cherished Nainital honeymoon places. It boasts of a wide variety of flora and huge variety of butterfly species. Pleasant weather, nature walks, fresh stream of water, colorful flora all around and some beautiful butterflies flying around you! Just like Alice in wonderland.

Plan your honeymoon in Nainital and try visiting all these beautiful places. Stay glued for we have some more honeymoon places in India that you must know! For travel related blogs, visit here. Also, follow us on Facebook

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