Neha Kakkar is dating an Indian Idol contestant

The recent gossip that has been doing rounds is that Neha Kakkar is dating an Indian Idol contestant. The singing sensation has recently cone out of her relationship with an ex, Himansh Kohli. Moreover, she has always been vocal about how she feels about everything. Her personal and professional life is pretty much shared with her fans.

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Nehuuu you only know to spread Happiness! 😇 The only word that’s not there in your dictionary is Negativity. People who spend time with you know very well How Positive You are!! The way you Sing, The way you Dance, The way you Perform on Stage, The way you Meet People, The way you talk to your NeHearts I can’t imagine Any Superstar being soo humble like You. One thing that’ll remain forever and Everyone would say this, that No one is and would Ever become Neha Kakkar!! 🙌🏼 The Singing Queen 👸🏻 ♥️ And In the end I would say.. I’m here because of You!! Thank you for Everything you’ve given me. I’ve learnt so much from You. Not just Singing but also how to become a Good Human being!! 🙏🏼 Thankyou for making Me and My Brother #KunalPandit @kunalpanditkp an Important part of The #NehaKakkarUSCanadaTour 🔥 Thanks to the whole Team and All the #NeHearts 🤗🙏🏼 . Yours Truely, #NeHeart #VibhorParashar . . Love You #Queen #NehaKakkar 😘. #NehaKakkarLive #IndianIdol10 #KunalPandit . Pic clicked by @themediatronic 🤗

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Neha Kakkar was one of the judges in the reality show Indian Idol 10. The rumor has it that Neha Kakkar is dating an Indian Idol contestant Vibhor Parashar. Vibhor denied the rumors and said its all rubbish and now Neha have come out in open speaking about it. She shared an Instagram story speaking about the whole issue and also revealed that she is not well emotionally and physically.

She wrote, “While I am writing this, I am not in good condition. Neither physically, nor mentally. But I had to speak up! You know… they don’t realize that I am a daughter/sister of somebody. I have worked so hard all my life and made sure that I make my family proud.” She further revealed, “why do they spread rumors without even thinking how badly it’ll affect somebody’s life or character. Stop judging, stop embarrassing people. Don’t do so much that they get depressed. If you are a father or brother of somebody will you do that to your daughter/sister?”

Neha at the end urged that, stop making anybody feel so bad that they start thinking of ending their life! Stop!! While spreading all these rumors, what people don’t realize is that even celebrities have a life of their own. A life where people like them don’t even need to intervene. Moreover, just because they are public figure doesn’t give other people the right to make their life a public property.


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