Nutritional deficiency signs that your body gives

In the era of the mad race for success, all of us have been ignoring our body big time. Often the signs that our body gives us are mistaken as tiredness and they go unattended. If there is one thing that is going to support you all through your life, it is your own body. Listen to it, pay attention to what it is trying to convey to you and act accordingly.


Top Nutritional deficiency signs that your body gives


Extreme Hairloss

Hair loss is not that a small thing as you might take it as. Although it can be due to the weather conditions and other small ignorable factors as well. But severe hair fall which is as worst as you seeing a bunch of hair on your pillow every morning needs attention. It can be due to iron deficiency in your body. Thyroid can be another issue for this.


Muscle Cramps

If you get cramps in your calves, thighs and feet muscles very often, this is not because of extreme cold weather or tiredness of muscles. It can also be an indication of calcium deficiency. Due to the lower level of calcium, your muscles cannot flex properly… hence the cramps!


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Skin Rashes

The extreme dryness, rashes, and premature aging is your body telling you that your skin needs attention. Dehydration is one of the most prevalent reasons for skin issues. Other reasons can be lower biotin levels and protein deficiency. A dull face could be a sign of week body!


Oral Health

Weak gums, cavities, foul breathe these all indicate poor oral health. Hygiene can be the reason behind all of these and this can also be due to the lack of certain nutrients in your body. It could be a deficiency of vitamin B or minerals like iron and zinc. If you don’t want to lose all your teeth and want that pretty smile on ! maintain proper hygiene and visit your dentist regularly.


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