Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Review

Green Tea has become one of the most preferred beverages in the health industry. Loaded with antioxidants, it works big time to keep the weight in check, lower the risk of cancer and repairs the dead skin cells. Sipping on to two cups of Green Tea is one lifestyle change everyone must bring in their life. Again, all the best things are brought into the market by many brands. Hence it is difficult to decide which one is the best. This is where the reviews help you out!

Today we are discussing Organic India Tulsi Green Tea. This one has been a secret of glowing skin and an active lifestyle for many people. I love this brand for all good reasons. First things first, the Organic India Tulsi Green Tea is 100% organic. It contains Tulsi, which is like the most sacred herb stated in the ancient Ayurveda. Tulsi, as stated by Organic India Tulsi Green Tea, is the legacy of good health.


Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Review

Before we go any further, I would like to list down the benefits of Tulsi:
  1. Builds a strong immune system
  2. Helps fight cough and cold
  3. Reduces Stress
  4. Improves metabolism and digestion
  5. Loaded with natural antioxidants

With all these benefits, the infusion of Tulsi in the Organic India Tulsi Green Tea makes it more likable.

Benefits of Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

This one contains natural herbs that are evidently (as stated above), good for health. Studies show that Tulsi and Green tea together promotes healthy metabolism which thus helps to reduce the fat. Both Tusli and Green Tea are loaded with natural antioxidants which eliminate the free radicals from the body. Moreover, these are also beneficial in reducing the stress levels and relieving your body and mind from unwanted compressions that you feel because of stress. To summarize, Organic India Tulsi Green Tea is a perfect combination of two magical herbs.


Ingredients of Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

This one only contains all the organic herbs namely: Green Tea, Rama Tulsi. Krisha Tulsi, and Vana Tulsi.

How to make Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

Now, most of the people do not know the right way to make Green Tea. Surprisingly, Green Tea is never boiled. If you have loose green tea, just put one teaspoon of it in a pan and add hot water to it. Cover it with the lid and let it simmer for 3 minutes. Strain the leaves and enjoy your tea. On the contrary, if you have the tea bags, infuse one tea bag into the hot cup of water, let it stay there for about 3-4 mins and then start sipping!

Taste of Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

I have tasted so many other Green Teas but this one by Organic India is by far the best. It doesn’t have that bitter taste which most of the brands sell in the name of it being healthy. You will just feel the aroma of tulsi in it and with each sip, you will love it even more.

Where to buy Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

This one is available at your nearest departmental store or other grocery stores. If not, you can also buy it online wherever you find it.


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