PCOS Natural Treatment Success Stories

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PCOS is the most common problem in women these days. PCOS usually happens in the reproductive years of a woman and can sometimes last even after that. The major cause of PCOS is a lifestyle. Eating habits, postures, zero physical activity and lot many factors give rise to PCOS. Today we will read one of the PCOS natural treatment success stories.

There are a lot of medicines and medical treatments available these days. However, the best kind of treatment is the natural one. Home remedies and a few lifestyle changes can cure PCOS and reverse their symptoms. Let’s get on with one such PCOS natural treatment success stories. The story is of an IT professional who works 9 to 6 on the desk and has a really hectic schedule. How she overcame the symptoms? Read on to know.


I started getting my PCOS symptoms after I shifted to a new city for higher studies. Blame it on the eating habits that I developed there or the super busy schedule at college. The first thing was the increased weight. Secondly, the development of facial hair, yes I actually developed beard! Not like the full hairy beard but just a few hair. Moreover, my whole face was filled with acne. Not even one little part of my face was like totally pimple free. Finally, my periods started getting irregular. All these symptoms gave me a hint that I might be getting PCOS.

To be honest, I ignored the whole situation at first. However, as the situation started getting worst, I had to take it seriously. First thing I did was google it! (I feel we all do that at first.) So I came across the PCOS natural treatment success stories and that is where I drew my motivation from. Moreover, there was this one story about treating the symptoms all naturally. This is exactly what I did.

How I reversed my PCOS symptoms based on the PCOS natural treatment success stories


PCOS natural treatment success stories

Quit processed food

I could never have actually done this if I don’t have to! I love junk food and I can kill for desserts. However, I gave up on all of these. Zero junk, no foods that have high to medium sugar levels. No pasta, white flour or processed meats.

Based on the PCOS natural treatment success stories, I found some snacks and foods that I can savor and with time all my cravings also disappeared.

Exercise Routine

What I learned from the PCOS natural treatment success stories is that you need your body to be physically active. However, if you don’t like workout out in the gym, what’s the point going there? So I switched my high-intensity workouts with jogging, yoga and bike riding. Moreover, Yoga helped me not only treat my PCOS but also relieve a lot of stress.

Iron Rich Foods

There are many fruits and vegetables that are rich in Iron. I made it a point to eat at least one such fruit or vegetable in a day to keep the iron content in my body. Some of the recommendations are goji berries, kale, spinach, pomegranate and many more.


PCOS natural treatment success stories

Morning Drink

The first thing you drink or eat in a day has to be well researched. What I opted for was apple cider vinegar.  This one helps maintain the pH levels in your body and help control bacteria. Just dilute 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it! I learned it from one of the PCOS natural treatment success stories and also experienced that this one works the best.


At last, I would just like to say that there’s a solution to everything. Do not panic, just make a few changes! For more on health and fitness, follow us!

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