Web Series Permanent Roommates fame Nidhi Singh 

Tanya and Mikesh became everyone’s favorite through TVF play’s web series permanent roommates. Nidhi Singh played the role of Tanya, an independent, open minded girl who is in a long distance relationship and is facing the prospect of marriage.

Nidhi Singh is as happy and jovial girl as shown in web series permanent roommates. The reality of life is that we all get to see the good and bad times. Especially, when we take a step forward to shape our lives. Moreover, when the decision of leaving your home to move to a big city in order to achieve big in life comes it gets a little difficult to manage things smoothly.


Same was the case with Nidhi Singh. She belongs to Uttar Pradesh and shared the story when she had t leave her city to come to achieve big in movies. The web series permanent roommates fame, Nidhi Singh narrated her story to an Instagram page, “Humans of Bombay”. She mentioned how she gave many auditions before she got selected as Tanya. She also talked about getting her first film and how she brought her parents along with her to the big city.

The story read, “Last year, I visited my parents during Christmas in Allahabad. At dinner, a woman asked me for a picture! My mom was ecstatic. In her eyes, I had made it! As for me, I was glad for the dinner with them, because a lot had happened before. I had a simple upbringing. My dad was a doctor in the Railways & my mom was a teacher. You know how in movies you see a starry-eyed, small-town girl who wants to be an actor? I was her. I was captivated by Shakespeare in school & knew that this was what I wanted to do.”

“My parents were skeptical. But I told them I had to try. So for college, I moved to Bombay. Afterward, I got a job in a reputed Ad agency. I told myself I wasn’t good enough to be an actor yet. So with my job, I watched from the sidelines. One day, on set, I asked Shernaz Patel about her career. She said all I had to do was jump in & asked why I hadn’t yet? I was surprised that she could tell I was interested. I was just 23, it was now or never. So in a month, I quit my job. I auditioned, worked in plays & was freelancing as an A.D to pay the bills.”


She further narrated, “After about a 100 auditions, ‘web series permanent roommates’ happened & then 2 films. And I didn’t stop for 2 years! I hadn’t been home, but a phone call changed it all. My dad had had a brain stroke. I was devastated. My brothers & I got my parents to Bombay. But in 2 months, my mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Nothing mattered now. We spent the next few months in hospitals. My dad couldn’t speak properly & my mom was staying strong for us. None of my achievements web series permanent roommates or the films felt worth it. My family mattered more than a successful career.”

I’d grown up watching my parents work unending hours. So I tried to do the same, for them. But I was losing out on staying connected to my roots. So last year, even when I was recognized at dinner, I was just happy to be with my parents there. And all we did when we went home was switch on the T.V & fall asleep in front of it. Just like old times. I’d learned what real success was. It wasn’t growing apart but growing up & staying connected to my roots. Where I came from, my home, my family, the fact that they were proud, that made all the difference. That was my success.” 

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