Good personal hygiene is essential for a healthy body. Making the simple hygiene habits a part of your routine will keep the illness at bay and provide other mental and physical benefits.

Here’s a check-list of some hygiene habits that each one of us must incorporate into our daily routine.

Keep your hands clean: Hands are the most exposed part of the human body. Hundred times a day we touch things that are probably touched by million other people and have disease-causing bacteria. Make sure you wash your hands frequently, mainly before preparing for a meal, before having your food, after using the loo and likewise.

Maintain your Hair: One must keep the hair neat and tidy. Wash your hair at least once a week (for those with long hair). Brush your hair every day and keep them untangled and neat. You can also opt for regular massages to keep your hair healthy.

Trim your nails: Keep your finger and toenails clean, trimmed and in shape. It’s not just an added cleanliness in your look but also a big plus for health benefits. People with clean nails are less prone to oral bacteria.

Brush twice: Oral hygiene is another essential routine. Brushing your teeth twice daily will help to reduce the bacteria responsible for tooth decay and other gum diseases.

Bath Regularly: Washing your body keeps the hygiene levels high and gives a fresh vibe. One must bath every day or more often if you are exposed to more dirt and chemicals.

Clean Clothing: Keeping your clothes clean is another major hygiene habit. Not only the clothes that you wear but the linens, towels, and sheets as well. Washing clothes and hanging them out in sun kills the disease-causing germs and avoid the bacteria from entering your body.

Do not Share your tools and towels: Sharing is good but you can’t share everything. Toothbrush, Towels, Comb, tongue scrapers, shavers etc should never be shared. Sharing these items might invite infections.