Poor Air Quality: Useful tips to survive

Delhi, as well as the whole north India, is badly affected by the poor air quality. Environment Pollution (prevention and control) authority has also declared an emergency in NCR keeping in view the air quality index. Moreover, the daily life of people is affected to a great extent and everyone is just bound to stay indoors. Pregnant women, people with asthma, heart patients and kids are affected the most.

However, here are some tips that can prove useful to live in this poor air quality around you.

air quality

Exercise indoors

Going out for a morning walk also exercising in open is the best practice every. However, such is not the case when air quality is so poor. Moreover, avoid your morning strolls. Do not skip your exercise session just shift it indoors. Avoid visits to malls also refrain from sending your kids to play outside until the situation comes under control.

Walk or carpool

Do your bit towards the environment. While going to offices or anywhere outside, prefer walking if the distance is less. Opt for carpools, public transports or just cycle your way. Moreover, instead of just putting blames, see what you can do for yourself and for people around you.

air quality

No Smoking

With such bad air quality, you are already smoking around 40 cigarettes a day. Do not add on to that by smoking some more. Moreover, people around you who have become passive smokers are also getting affected by this. So if not stop it’s a request to at least limit your smoking habit.

Indoor Plants

Plants are your best friends. Its time you bring some to your household. Some indoor plants are also known to purify the air. Keep at least one plant per person in your house. Plants that help purify the air are money plant, snake plant, peace lily, bamboo plant, and spider plant.

air qualityJaggery

Jaggery is packed with nutrients that help remove harmful elements from the body. Moreover, it purifies the bloodstream, lungs as well as the food pipe. You can either eat it as it is or replaces your refined sugar with jaggery in daily use.

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