Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Exercise

As challenging and testing the pregnancy phase is, it is equally difficult to get back in shape after that. Post pregnancy weight loss exercise and diet plans are the most searched things these days. So many celebrity mothers and fitness enthusiasts have shared their post pregnancy weight loss exercise and diet routines. This time we will be sharing the secrets shard by Chhavi Mittal. The one thing that keeps her going and the idea that she follows while at a gym.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Exercise

Chhavi has recently given birth to her son and has spoken about how traumatized her delivery has been… for a career-oriented woman like her, who was back to work soon after the delivery, maintaining fitness is definitely a must. Read on to know her thoughts and her secrets about post pregnancy weight loss exercise and gym.

There’s an important rule that I follow when I’m in the gym. I push myself to do a little bit extra than I can, but I NEVER compete with others or try to do a little bit extra than they are. That’s a sure road to injury. For all mothers who are struggling with postpartum weight, the important thing is to start. Not to do what others are doing in the gym. The bit just to START and take a step forward from what you’re doing now. I’m building my stamina from scratch.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Exercise

I can’t run at a stretch for more than a minute, but I can swim non-stop for an hour. I feel dead when I do the cross-trainer, but I can skip up to 3000 at a time. I can’t lift weights, but I always make it point to increase from where I left off. So it’s important to build on your strengths and work on your weak spots. That’s what I do, and that’s what keeps me going.

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