Pregnancy Food Chart for the first trimester

An expecting mother does all the things possible to ensure her baby comes out healthy. From the diet to a mother’s physical and emotional well being, everything needs extra attention. Pregnancy demands good nutrition so that both the baby and the mother are healthy. There’s no other time in life when healthy food, environment, and mindset becomes mandatory. This, in particular, is the time when a human is growing inside hence no one can just teat it ordinarily.

The key to healthy food is fresh meals balanced with all the necessary nutrients. All the essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and dietary requirements of a pregnant woman should be met with each meal. A healthy diet not only ensures the proper growth of the baby but will also keep the mother away from unwanted weight gain, anxiety and stress. So today we will try and make a basic Pregnancy Food Chart for those mothers who are in their first trimester.[ you may also like: Hospital Bag Checklist for delivery]


Pregnancy Food Chart for the first trimester

Early Morning

Mornings are tough while you are expecting. The feeling of nausea and irritation may strike the mother. The best cure for this is a glass of cow milk. Cow’s milk has proven benefits in curing morning sickness.



Breakfasts are essential for everyone but not more in comparison to a pregnant woman. She has two people to take care of hence the start of the day has to be delicious and nutritious. You can have:
– A vegetable omelet with wheat bread toast and some orange juice.
– If you are a vegetarian, poha and upma make a perfect light on stomach dish.
– You can even have a stuffed parantha with curd.


Mid Morning

A pregnant woman is supposed to be eating after every few hours. It doesn’t mean you are supposed to eat a full course meal but just some healthy snacking. Lunch is going to be served in some time so in the meantime, you can go for your fruit serving or a handful of nuts. You can even mix them both.



Now, this is the time where you are supposed to eat a full meal. Eat a balanced meal, one making sure you cover all that is important. Options are:
– Any green vegetable, a bowl of curd, a bowl of dal and roti.
– 1 bowl of chicken curry with rice or roti
– Never forget to take salad along with your meal.


Pregnancy Food Chart for the first trimester


Note: Woman tends to develop certain hatred for some smells or some particular foods. If you also have such a situation, it is completely normal. Avoid eating that food and if it is the one with high nutrition level, consult your doctor for a replacement food.


Evening Snack

This is the chai/ coffee time for most of us. Although you should cut back on caffeine during pregnancy there are plenty of other snack options that you will love.
– Fresh fruit or vegetable juice.
– Corn Spinach sandwich.
– A handful of nuts with berries.
– A bowl full of fresh fruits.
– You can also have idlis made with vegetable stuffing.



Go light when it comes to dinner. Also never go lie down immediately after your dinner. This will help digest your food and you will get a deep sleep. For dinner options:
– Roti with dal and salad.
– Vegetable or chicken rice with raita
– Khichdi or a bowl of Dalia


Essentials: Drink milk; don’t cut back on fruits and green vegetables. If you are a working woman, always keep a pack of nuts with you. Drink water to stay hydrated. for more details follow us on Facebook.

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