Pregnancy is the most magical as well as a crucial time for a woman. While you are enjoying all the attention and care, you do have to consider that there’s a life growing inside you and you have to be very careful with what you feed your child. Whatever a Pregnant Woman eats when she is expecting, is the main source of nourishment for the child.

Hence, the expecting mothers need some additional nutrients, vitamins and a very healthy diet. Any carelessness in your diet may affect the development of the child. The diets also vary in different trimesters but certain things that you need to take care of all throughout the time period are:



Dairy products are rich in calcium and proteins. These are the two main nutrients that a Pregnant Woman needs in abundance. Yogurt and milk are the best amongst the dairy products. Calcium helps build the bones of the body and proteins make the muscles strong.

Green Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are rich in Iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin k and many other nutrients. They help build a stronger immune system for both mother and the child. It also helps in taking care the major issue of pregnancy i.e, digestion.


Fresh Fruits

This one goes without saying! Fruits, of course, need to be a major part of the diet but one needs to be careful about which fruits to eat and which to avoid. Fruits with a high content of Vitamin C are highly recommended like berries. On the other hand, papaya is a big no!


Dry Fruits

One serving of dry fruits in a day is sufficient to provide the required intake of vitamins and minerals. Dry fruits are rich in iron and potassium.



Dehydration during pregnancy can lead to many issues like headaches, anxiety, mood swings, and fatigue. Hence it is important to take adequate amount of water to experience a healthy and peaceful pregnancy.

Apart from these, one should definitely do a mild physical activity like a slow walk or yoga. It is highly advised to take your doctor’s opinion before adopting any of the above-mentioned foods and before starting any kinds of physical activity. Every woman’s pregnancy is different and hence it is only your doctor who knows what works best for you.

Stay Healthy Stay Fit!