Protein Foods for Vegetarians

The struggle that every vegetarian face is, to complete the daily protein requirement. Especially for people who go to the gym really do need to know the rich in protein foods for vegetarians. Although meat is the rich protein foods that don’t mean vegetarians don’t have a choice. There are many other vegetarian contenders from which complete protein intake can be fulfilled.

As per the dietary guidelines, a normal human needs 46 gms of protein (females) and 56 gms (males) to meet their daily dietary needs. This quantity does vary from person to person depending on the lifestyle and activity. Moreover, the list we are going to share here is going to be elaborated one. You can even pick your favorites and enjoy a complete nutrient meal.


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List of protein food for vegetarians.

Greek Yogurt

There are so many different ways in which Greek yogurt can be consumed. Add it in your smoothies, mix some fresh fruits in it or just have it as it is. One cup of Greek yogurt contains 23 gms of protein which is a considerable amount for the daily protein intake.


Lentils are the big storehouse of protein. 1 cup protein contains 18 gms of protein which is again enough to meet daily needs. Amongst all the protein foods, lentils are the most easily available and yummy too!


protein foods


A blessing for the ones on diet. Quinoa is amongst the super-rich protein foods for vegetarians. Quinoa is gluten free and is also rich in fiber and magnesium. One cooked cup of quinoa contains 8 gms of proteins. So go make a yummy salad bowl.


Just like the lentils, beans are also good in protein and fiber. This one from all the other protein foods is the most versatile. Make a baked bean recipe, salads or dips! Yummiest possible way to meet the protein intake.


The protein foods which are also rich in fat and fiber. One ounce of almonds contains 6 gms of protein. These are also the best snacks to keep hunger at bay. You can opt for almond milk, almond butter or just have them as it is.


protein foods


The most protein is in the yolk of the egg. Eggs are rich in nutrients, proteins, and antioxidants as well. Add them to your breakfast, eat an egg salad or boiled version of eggs as they make the best protein foods.


From the list of protein foods for vegetarians, pick your favorites and never miss out on protein dose! For more health and fitness articles, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook.

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