Pure Coconut Oil benefits for skin and Hair


Coconut oil is a miraculous ingredient that is found in almost every household of India. This natural product has tremendous benefits for hair and skin that we try to find in the artificial chemically made products in the market. The only condition is that you get the purest form of coconut oil.


Coconut oil contains a unique combination of natural fatty acids including linoleic acid which are highly effective in treating skin issues. Acne, dry skin, dark spots everything can be cured using coconut oil. Think about all the money you will be saving and your skin will thank you for it! Studies show that coconut oil has the active ingredients that improve your skin texture, its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties fight the signs of aging. Also, the mineral oils in it make it all the more effective as a moisturizer.


coconut oil benefits for hair and skin


90% of the hair products that comes in the market claim that they contain coconut extract. Though they are just fooling you that explains how effective this oil is for your hair. Now the question arises, if it is that good, why not buy a good quality coconut oil and start using it right away!


Pure Coconut Oil benefits for skin and Hair


For Skin



Coconut oil is the effective first step to your morning cleanse. Before you apply the face wash to clean your face in the morning, apply some coconut oil and massage well. It is also one of the very first steps in the Korean skincare routine. Oil massage regulates your blood circulation and it removes the sebum and dirt from skin.



People with extremely dry skin can swear by this product. Just apply coconut oil as a night crème. Massage it well on your face and sleep. In the morning you will see the visible effects. The mineral oils present in coconut oil helps keep the skin plump and soft.



Fine lines, dark spots, blemishes and all other signs of aging can be altered by using coconut oil. All you have to do is use it as a night crème and as a first-morning cleanser.


Oil Pulling

Maximize the benefits of coconut oil by adopting the oil pulling method. Take a spoonful of pure coconut oil and keep it in your mouth swishing for about 10 mins. Spit the oil and you may brush your teeth afterward. It is best for oral hygiene and has visible effects on healthy skin.


Pro-tip: many skincare experts believe that coconut oil is also effective in removing or lightening the scars.


benefits of coconut oil for hair and skin


For Hair


Reduces the Fizz

Unmanageable, frizzy hair can be managed with coconut oil. Regular massage of this oil on the hair repairs the hair quality and gives them a healthy and lustrous look. Warm the oil a bit and it will help relax your nerves as well.



Dandruff can be due to the dry scalp or a fungal outbreak. Both these symptoms can be dealt with good coconut oil. Its anti-bacterial properties remove the unwanted dirt and problem causing bacteria thus keeping the scalp clean and healthy.


Eliminates Hairfall

By going deep into the roots, its active ingredients add life to the hair. With repeated use, hair fall goes from minimum to negligible in just a few days.


Filled with so many benefits, coconut oil is a must-have in every woman’s essential makeup list. Our recommended pure coconut oil is: Cold pressed Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil by Indus Valley. You can do your bit of the research and buy the one you like.

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