Reasons for weight gain: it’s not just your diet!


Weight issues are something that more than half of the population is facing these days. Where most people want to lose some there a few who need to put on some! This imbalanced body weight is the result of many external and internal factors. The Internet is flooding with million types of diets for weight loss as well as for weight gain. Dieticians are making good money by making you believe that it’s all about the food and exercise. But there are other factors that only a few acknowledge.



weight loss journey


Every individual is different and thus different bodies have different factors for weight gain. For some, it can be a hormonal issue, genetic makeup, developmental determinants and many such factors which are not even in your hand. While for some it could definitely be the eating habits and no physical activity.


A few Reasons for weight gain could be



Stress can affect your body weight in both ways. You can experience a sudden weight gain or even weight loss if you are stressed. Studies reveal that stress damage your metabolism and thus increasing your appétit. Increased appétit will be accompanied by food cravings. The foods you will crave will mostly be deep fried stuff or sugar. Hence you tend to gain weight. You should try maintaining your calm and meditate to keep the stress levels in control.


Lack of Sleep

Sleeplessness triggers our appétit. Body starts to store fat and that results in weight gain. Also when your body is not getting enough sleep, you are up all the time and thus your lifestyle is hampered. You are more likely to eat at night and your body gets literally no time to repair. It affects your overall wellness and needs to be treated well. 


Wrong Foods

It may be the case that you are eating all homemade simple food but still, your weight is not coming in control. The reason can be that you are eating excessive sugars. We usually go for the quick, processed foods and sugary beverages which aid in weight gain.


Medical Issues

There are medical conditions that regulate body weight. By not recognizing them and doing the diets you are probably increasing the risks. See your doctor first and make sure you don’t have a thyroid, PCOS/PCOD and then give a direction to your weight loss journey.


Stay Healthy… Stay Fit!

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