Secrets to Women Health: 5 best tips

Hello Ladies! Here we are again with another set of super beneficial tips. This time it is about the secrets that every woman must know. Working moms or housewives, every woman works all day every day tirelessly. However, one thing that is ignored big time in all this is women health. Women themselves put their own health at stake. But not anymore, with these 5 secrets to women health, every woman will be healthy inside out.

5 secrets for women health

Women Health

Keep mornings for yourself

Before you take up the household chores, make sure you keep at least one hour for yourself. This one hour would be the “me time”. Have a healthy morning drink, do your morning skincare regime, read the newspaper, go for a walk, sit with yourself and plan your day. Starting your mornings calmly with a set time for your own self makes the whole day productive.

Tip: your morning drink should never be tea or coffee. Have a glass of warm water, prefer taking apple cider vinegar or lemon honey water.

Never Skip Meals

Whether you are getting late for office or have a lot of household work to finish, never skip any meal. You have to put yourself as a priority. Eat a healthy breakfast and keep the nutritional value in mind. With age, you need to be super careful about what you put in your stomach. Calcium and Protein are your best friends. Keep a perfect balance of these two in your diet. Read our article on diet focused on women health [Tips for women of all ages groups].

Tip: Make sure you include at least one glass of milk and some protein source in your day. For vegetarian proteins considering women health, read this [Protein sources for vegetarians].

Women Health

Don’t be Harsh

You are not perfect and guess what? No one is! It is ok to not be perfect. Let things go sometimes. In order to become a perfect idol woman, you are giving up on something which is more important and that is your own health. If we don’t pay heed to women health, we are actually compromising the health of the whole family. So let it be, do the best you can and don’t even care about being perfect.

Tip: plan things beforehand. Practice yoga and meditation to keep anxiety at bay.

Listen to the Signs

Your body always gives you indications that something needs your attention. For instance, if you find it difficult to climb stairs, if you get tired easily. Such signs are indicating certain vitamin deficiencies, lack of physical activity and also a poor diet. Take these signs seriously and change your lifestyle asap. At the end of the day, it’s your body and you only have to live in it!

Tip: Consult your doctor even for the tiniest concerns.  

Women Health

Take good rest

You obviously know that 8 hours of sleep in a day is mandatory. To keep your body and mind going the whole day, it needs to be rested properly. Otherwise, you feel drowsy, low, fatigued and drained out. It’s always better to sleep well and have a productive day than to not sleep and be a zombie the whole day!

Tip: If you cant sleep 8 hours in a stretch, make sure you at least sleep 6 in a stretch and 2 at any other time of the day.

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