Healthy South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

India is a country of variety and diversity. It is said that after every 50 Kms the language and food changes in India. However, out of the 4 main cuisines in India, the south Indian food is the healthiest as well as yummy. Moreover, the south Indian diet plan for weight loss is a highly recommended one.

Firstly, it is healthy, easy to digest and is lot nutritious. Secondly, there is variety! You can never get bored of this diet. From breakfast to dinner and even the evening snacks are true delights for the taste buds. Yes, it’s true, the delicious sambars and dosas can actually help you shed your weight.

South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Before you start with the diet, make sure you stock up your kitchen with only the healthy stuff. Remove all those sugary stuff and processed foods. Look for the healthy options and replace! Secondly, make a realistic goal and stick it in your mind. Also, stay strongly focused on your weight loss plan. Let’s start now! We will give an elaborated diet plan for weight loss.


south indian diet plan for weight loss

Morning Drink

Keeping it simple! Take a glass of lukewarm water and mix the juice of half of the lemon in it. Give it a good stir and bottoms up… This has to be the first drink. After that, if you are a bed tea person, just grab a cup of tea strictly without sugar. Also, never have your tea alone. Couple it up with a Marie biscuit.


Now, this is the part of your plan for weight loss that you are going to love. There are so many options that you will never get bored.

  • Sprout dosa with coconut and mint chutney.
  • 2 Oats idlis with a bowl of Sambar.
  • 2 egg whites

Mix and match the breakfasts and enjoy your meals as you lose some weight.

Mid-Morning Snack

A bowl of fresh fruits would do just fine! Choose any fruits and make a colorful bowl. Along with that, take a cup of green tea.


south indian diet plan for weight loss


Again! You are in for a treat… South Indian diet plan for weight includes sambar and that’s pretty much what the taste buds need. So, for Lunch:

  • Get 3 ragi balls and a bowl of sambar. Never forget to add salad in your plate.
  • The second option for the south Indian diet plan for weight loss can be a bowl of brown rice, sambar and a bowl of vegetable.
Evening Snack

A sprout salad with lots of greens! In the evening you can have filter coffee or green tea but again, strictly without sugar. For the second option in south Indian diet plan for weight loss, you can take 2 wheat rusks with tea without sugar.


So how do you like the south Indian diet plan for weight loss so far? Dinner is yet to be revealed! For dinner the options can be:

  • A bowl of Bendekai Gojju with chapatti.
  • 1 bowl of spinach dal with brown rice.
  • Millet Khichadi with raita


Have you ever come across a diet with so many delicious things to savor? Try the south Indian diet plan for weight loss and do let us know your reviews! For more diet plans and health and fitness, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook.

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