Spring Makeup tips that every girl must know

Its time you say goodbye to the warm winter colors. All those Christmas reds and deep browns have to take a back seat and its time for the nudes to take charge! With the change in season, its time for your makeup bag to undergo some changes as well. The temperatures have become moderate, its good bright sunny mornings and you are about to enjoy the joyful spring season.

We like BFF are always ready with the most updated things that you are looking for! This time we have this Spring Makeup tips that every girl must know to rock the spring styling.


Base Basics

The base basics are the same, you need to get a good lighter tone base. In winters we tend to get the warm shades of the base to enhance the look and balance it with the dark shades but its not the case with spring! Spring is the season of nudes so you don’t really have to worry about subtle down the color. So just grab a light tone base.


summer make up


Glam the Eyes

Eyes are the most important part of any makeup look. For spring the idea is simple: Volumize the lashes and nudes with a hint of glitter for the shadow. That’s right. You just need a volumizing mascara which makes your eyelashes look long and thick. For eyeshadow, put a lighter shade like pinks or nudes on the bottom and a layer of golden glitter on the top. Eye game on babe, go rock the day!

Blush with the tinted Blush

Its time to enhance and highlight the cheekbones. This season demands a little tint. Just about a little blush with some coral or nude which only gives it a tinted look is enough!


lipstick pink


Lipsticks are my personal favorite and spring is the time when you can like to put on the best shades that make you look fresh and dewy. Suggested spring lip shades: mauves, pinks, nudes but it has to be a matte.


Use the tips to get the best spring look on! Do share with us if you have any other tips which we might also use! For more makeup and beauty tips, follow us!

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