Sugar Detox: Best ways to quit sugar


If you are someone who craves cakes or chocolates late at night. If something sweet is what you want every time you are happy, sad or angry, then you are probably a sugar addict. These cravings make you binge eat on high-calorie foods which come with so many health issues.


WHO recommends about 6 teaspoons of sugar a day but as per a report, most of us consume nearly 22 teaspoons of sugar per day. Also, the interesting and shocking fact is that the amount of sugar we take is 16% of the total calories that we consume. So now you know why the first thing which comes in every diet plan is to cut down sugar. Not just your weight, there are other health issues that come with high sugar intakes like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


All this information we are all aware of but what we don’t know is how to quit sugar? The thing is, if you are an addict and you love sugar, you can’t just quit it completely one day. Even if you decide to, you will end up doing a cheat meal very often. Nevertheless, we will today discuss a plan that will help you go on a sugar detox!


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Best ways to quit sugar


Start with your tea/coffee

Start your detox from the basic thing. Stop adding sugar to your tea or coffee. It may taste a little different in the beginning but you would like it eventually. By doing this small thing you are saving yourself from big damage.


Kitchen Detox

If you won’t see it you won’t need it. Remove your sugar box from the kitchen. Don’t worry you will manage to cook your meals without sugar. Also remove the sweet stuff cakes, cookies and desserts so that you don’t go grab and munch them on!


protein diet

Add protein to every meal

Adding proteins to every meal helps to keep the cravings at bay. Proteins are tough to digest and hence they make you feel full for a longer time. When you won’t feel hungry, you are less likely to look for something to eat and hence no unhealthier eating. For proteins, you can add eggs to your breakfast, mushroom or lentils to your other meals.


Healthy Eating

You need to find alternative foods. Replace your dirty carbs and calories into healthy carbs. Snacking going wrong makes you obese. You need to replace your chips, candies, and coke with nuts, berries, fruits, and some coconut water may be. Do your research and find healthy replacements for the foods you eat.


Sleep well and Keep Stress away

It pretty much said it all. Mood swings in the major repercussion of not sleeping well. An adult needs about 8 hours of sleep every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stress, on the other hand, makes you an emotional eater. Whenever you will feel angry or worried, you will reach out to the foods loaded with sugar. No one can avoid stress fully we agree but try calming yourself down soon. Practice meditation it’s the best way out.


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Take small steps to quit sugar. Start with one thing at a time and eventually remove sugar from your lifestyle. The sugar detox will help you sleep better, regulates blood sugar levels, gives you good skin and hair and also maintains your body weight!

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