Homemade Summer drinks 

With summers comes a wide range of drinks which are super refreshing and yummy. The summer drinks are best options to beat the sweltering heat. If you are thinking about aerated beverages and flavored bottles stuff to make your summer drinks, you are not doing the right thing.

Ditch the artificial summer drinks and go get some homemade healthy stuff to keep you cool this season. It is especially during summers that dehydration hit you hard. Water is always the first thing topping the chart of all summer drinks. However, there are a few other options of drinks which can quench your thirst and maintain your health at the same time. Also, adding these summer drinks to your day will keep you from getting bored with just water!

Let’s list down the top 5 Homemade Summer drinks to keep you cool this season


summer drinks


Replace your sugary fizzy drinks with a glass of buttermilk this summer. This drink is loaded with proteins, helps in detoxification and the best part? Buttermilk helps fade the blemishes, improves the skin texture and also removes pigmentation. Do we need to say more about this magical drink or is it already in your hand?


Mint Lemonade

This one has been on the list of summer drinks since forever. Nimbu Pani is by far the easiest and the most refreshing summer drinks. It helps in digestion, protects from heartburn and also helps flush the toxins away from the body.


Aam Panna

The most exciting part about summers is mangoes! Amongst all other yummy refreshing options, this one is much loved… Made with mangoes and mint leaves, this is not just super delicious but super healthy too. Aam Panna helps rehydrate your body and also maintain the electrolyte balance. It beats the heat and keeps your body cool. Why choose Aam Panna amongst other drinks? It helps to build resistant against many diseases and also strengthen the immune system.


summer drinks

Coconut Water

A natural coolant and amongst all other summer drinks, this one you won’t even have to make! To beat the scorching sun, just grab some fresh coconut and sip on to its yummy water. Coconut water has proven benefits in reducing body heat as well.


Badam Milk

Not just cooling and healthy, this one is extremely delicious as well. Add some nuts and cardamom into it to get that magical fragrance which makes it even more tempting to drink. Rich in Nutrients, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Calcium, Badam milk is also one of the best options to choose from.


Other cooling options can be Kokum Sharbat, Cold Coffee, Bel Sharbat and a lot more! So just grab a glass of your favorite and sip it on the whole day!


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