Summer Skincare essentials 

Summers are here and you need to level up your freshness factor. These beautiful sunny days bring a lot of sweaty afternoons along. The hot sun can take away the moisture and make you look dull, dehydrated tanned. But that doesn’t mean you need to worry about anything, just know what you need to keep handy and be the go-getter that you are.

Summer Skincare essentials are something that needs a lot of attention and wise decisions. Firstly, you can’t go for cheap products and secondly, you can’t do without the basics. With that in mind, let’s list down the Summer Skincare essentials that you must carry in your bag every day and every time you step out.


Waterproof Sunscreen

Yes, you need sunscreen but better you buy the waterproof one. Due to sweating your sunscreen ay just wear off and bare skin is more exposed to the sun. You can opt for Lotus safe sun, Neutrogena or Innisfree Daily sunscreen as they work best in summers. Dab them on and you need not to worry about the sun or sweat. This one is probably one of the most important Summer Skincare Essentials.


innisfree sunscreen

Setting Powder (Compact)

You need the touch ups much more in summers than in any other season. You should have a compact powder with SPF considerably to give a quick fix to your make up and slay all day! We suggest the Bioderma Photoderm Max Mineral compact or the Lakme sun expert compact.


bioderma compact


How much more you dislike it, the foul sweaty underarms are something that comes naturally with summers. Firstly, you need to shower everyday for that and secondly talking about the summer skincare, carry a good deodorant spray or roll on. Always keep this one from the Summer Skincare essentials list with you.


Body Mist

The way you smell tells a lot about you.  So along with your deodorant, you need a good body mist. Carry a summer flowery fragrance to give you and people around you a fresh vibe. It will keep you refreshed and smelling like a flower. Try the Pucelle body mist, this one is economically and extremely nice smelling.


body mist

Wet Wipes

Dust and heat waves can make a layer of dirt on your face. This layer restricts your skin from breathing and thus makes it look dull. In such a situation, if you need to go for a meeting or to meet anyone for that matter, it’s a matter of little concern. This is where the next one from our Summer Skincare essentials comes into the picture. Carry a pack of wet wipes with you in the bag. Wipe off the dirt, put on some sunscreen, dab the compact and apply some good fragrance.


kara wet wipes

Lip Balms

Summer sun affects not only your face but your lips as well. It can make your lips look chapped and burnt. To avoid this, carry a good quality lip balm as one of the summer skincare essentials. Carry the one you like. You can also go for a tinted lip balm to give a little color effect as well.

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