Sunil Grover’s inspirational life story

Everybody remembers “guthi” and “Rinku bhabhi” off course! The actor who put life to these characters, Sunil Grover is definitely the king of comedy. The comic timing, that hilarious tone and unmatchable sense of humor make him one of the best comedy heroes of our country. However, how many of us know about Sunil Grover’s inspirational life story? Do you know what happened when he came to Bombay for the first time? Which was his first break on TV? Well, read on to Sunil Grover’s inspirational life story as he talked to the humans of Bombay.

I was always good at acting & making people laugh. I remember in 12th grade I took part in a drama competition–the chief guest said that I shouldn’t participate, because it was unfair to the others! After I finished my masters in theatre, I came to Mumbai to act. But for the first year, I only partied. I lived in a posh area, using my savings & some money from home. I’d only earn around Rs.500 a month. But I thought I’d be successful soon. Eventually, I realized that there were many like me, who were ‘superstars’ of their town & ‘strugglers’ here. Soon I had no income & was given a harsh reality check.

I was demotivated. But I remembered how my dad wanted to be a radio announcer & even had an offer. But because my granddad was against it, he had to work at a bank & regretted it. I didn’t want to let my dreams go. So I picked up the pieces & rigorously looked for work. But the road was still rocky. Once I’d been selected to act in a TV show–we’d even shot for a few days. But when I stopped getting my time to come on set, I called the team–they said I’d been replaced. At the same time, I also started getting work in voiceovers. So when I’d be rejected from TV & films, I had a cushion to fall back upon–something that most didn’t have. I realized how fortunate I was & regained my strength bit by bit. 

Around that time, I got offered to do a radio show. It was only going to be aired in Delhi, but when that show went live, it went viral! They decided to air it across India! After that, I got work on radio, TV & films. Soon ‘Gutthi’ happened & in no time, became a household name! I remember I was called on a live show & when I went on stage, the audience was roaring for me! I turned to make sure there wasn’t anyone else, whom they were clapping for–but it was all for me.

It took several moments like that, to bring back that young boy in me, who used to think that he could conquer the world. The young boy who used to make sure that everyone around him was smiling & entertained. The young boy who didn’t let failures dim his dreams & overpower his need for victory. So even though I’ve come this far… this young boy has a long way to go.”

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