Tips for a healthy relationship


Everyone wants a healthy relationship. The feeling of connecting with someone emotionally and mentally is amazing but people don’t understand is that a healthy relationship is a two-way street! All those couples who have been in a relationship since long believe that it takes more than it seems in a healthy relationship. The tips that most people will suggest are no rocket science, they are something that everyone should be doing for their loved ones.


Proven Tips for a healthy relationship are:


Love Yourself

Only when you love yourself will others start loving you. Give importance to yourself and give an impression of how important you are to yourself. Be happy and comfortable about how you look, behave and think. This will make you a happy person and a happier partner too.



Honest and open communication is key. The building block of a healthy relationship is to understand the expectations and needs of your partner. To be on the same page, you need to speak! Instead of holding things in, speak them up.


Disagree and say you do

Disagreements are good. They help you explore the other person. When you will acknowledge these disagreements, only then you will understand the difference in your understandings. The difference is not always bad. Knowing the difference you can work on it.


Give that space

No one wants to stick around all the time. It’s healthy and advisable to spend some time away. Do your own things, meet your respective friends and cherish the time when you are away from each other.


Keep things happy

I agree when you have a partner you also look up to that person for sharing your problems. But the thing is, would you like it if someone cribs in front of you all the time? Never be complaining all the time. Share your worries but don’t forget to keep things light and happy.


Maintain a weekend ritual

In our busy routines, no one has time to spend every evening in leisure. Fix a weekend routine to sort that out. No matter how busy you are, make sure you take out sometime in the whole week where you both do something for just yourself.


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