Weight Loss after Pregnancy

It sometimes gets stressful taking care of a newborn, managing daily chores and also maintaining a healthy weight. Weight Loss after pregnancy is a little difficult. Some mothers tend to lose their pregnancy weight in 6 to 12 weeks while others may take several months. However, there are women who don’t pay much attention to this and carry that weight for years.

Firstly, it is important for you to maintain good health because you are still feeding your baby. Secondly, your body needs you too! Once you deliver your baby, make sure you start making small changes in your diet and lifestyle. These small changes will eventually become big and will help you in Weight Loss after Pregnancy.


weight loss after pregnancy

Ways to adopt for Weight Loss after Pregnancy
Ask your doctor

Before you just dive into crash diets and exercise, we suggest you consult your doctor. Your body has just gone through some major changes. It’s important for you to ask your doctor if it’s ready for the weight loss after pregnancy. It’s important that you are prepared for the next step. Ask your doctor if it’s OK for you to go for exercises. Also, ask about the foods that you must and must not include while on a diet


Diet (Healthy eating)

The weight loss after pregnancy is not like a normal weight loss journey. Be extra conscious about what you eat. Especially mothers who are breastfeeding, your baby’s nutrition depends on you. Make sure you:

  • Never skip your meals
  • Always eat 6 meals a day with three full meals and three healthy snacks between.
  • Should always maintain a diet with a balanced amount of minerals and vitamins.
  • Don’t eat fried foods. High sugar foods are also not advisable.


No Crash or Fad Diets

Popular diets that often tell you about completely quitting particular foods should never be followed. Firstly, this diet makes you lose muscle weight instead of fat. Secondly, the weight lost during these diets is easily reversible once you come back to your normal diet. To summarize, the idea is simple, eat healthily and go slow but steady with your weight loss after pregnancy.


Exercise / Physical activities

Your body might not be ready for a rigorous gym session. As mentioned earlier, you need to first ask your doctor if your body is ready. Secondly, to be on a safe side, a 45-minute brisk walk will do the job for you in initial months.


Stay healthy, eat healthy and happy! For more on health and fitness, follow us here.

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