Weight loss Myths you shouldn’t believe

These days, people are more conscious about their health and weight. Most of the people try and do the little possible towards their healthier self. Moreover, almost everyone, at some point in time, browses on the internet about weight loss. The content being much searched, people write a lot about it. This gives rise to weight loss myths.

Thanks to all the bad advice, a lot of myths have developed around diet and weight loss. Most of these myths are either of no use or sometimes even harmful for the person. It thus becomes important to be aware of all these weight loss myths and eradicate them from your life!


weight loss myths

Weight loss is a process, there’s no way you can achieve a permanent weight loss in about a week. To make sure your weight loss journey is healthy and effective, firstly you need to be well aware of the true facts. You should know these Weightloss Myths listed below and make sure you don’t fall prey to them

Do not eat after 6 PM

So this one is the most spread of all the weight loss myths. Consider this, firstly these diet maestros tell you to not starve and then they mention eat before 6! What if you are going to sleep at 4 in the morning? What if you have night shifts? The fact behind this weight loss myth is that you should be done eating at least 3 hours before sleeping.


Eating Carbs will increase your weight

So many fad diets eliminate carbs from your diet. Of all the other weight loss myths, this one says that carbs will make you fat. Carbs are in reality rich in essential nutrients. Brown rice and fruits that are mentioned in diets, all of them have carbs but do they make you fat? The fact behind this myth is that you need to eat healthy carbs.


Skipping meals will help

Well, this one from weight loss myths is getting better these days. But still, many diets recommend skipping meals. I just came across this dietician the other day who suggests cold coffee in lunch and nothing else! Skipping meals will make you starve and eventually will break you to binge eating


You need to combine diet with Gym

Diet coupled up with a session in Gym is a good combination but is not necessary. To clear these weight loss myths, the 80:20 rule stands true. Your weight loss journey is 80% about food and 20% exercise. So, even if you just go for 45 min. walk and follow a good diet, you are doing good.


Diet foods are always good

Be it diet soda or an artificial sweetener, all these things are nothing but weight loss myths. Reading the ingredients will also not help. There are some brands that would just put the big claims on the packaging. You should know that many things are just written to deceive you.


weight loss myths

You are fat because of your eating habits

People still believe that the obesity of a person is only because of eating disorders. This one from the weight loss myths is definitely untrue. There can be because of genetic reasons, biological issues like PCOS. Read Here: PCOS diet plan for weight loss]

Always keep in mind that a diet that assures you will lose weight in a week or so is lying to you! You may lose the weight but it will bounce back immediately. Furthermore, do not entertain weight loss myths. Your agenda should just be healthy body and weight comes as a by-product!


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