Wellness Journey: How to Get Started

Wellness is not just related to your weight, your physical appearance or your looks. It is a wider concept that includes physical, mental and spiritual well being. A sound mind, a healthy body and a content mind all together comprise the wellness journey. So, as we put a little thought on this, we decided to get started on a wellness journey and take you along! If you are willing as well, join us and read on to it till the end. Each step will take you towards a better you.

Let’s get started and know how to move on the wellness journey.

Note These Down

Before you actually start, make a blueprint. Note down the things that make you happy, your hobbies. Moreover, make note of anything that gives you immense joy and everything that disturbs you. However, here we also need to ensure that eating junk food might make us happy but that really doesn’t make our body happy.

wellness journey

Define your Goals

You should be clear about what you want to achieve at the end of this wellness journey. For example, your goal can be losing 5 kgs in the next 2 months or you want to quit smoking or you want to turn vegan. Anything that you want to achieve just is clear about it. Also, you need to be realistic.

Be Realistic

Do not… I repeat.. Do not even try to have unrealistic expectations for yourself. If you have never indulged in any physical activity, your first target can’t be 2 hours in the gym. Start with baby steps. Go for half an hour of walk or 10 minutes of meditation. Keep achieving and keep increasing your expectations. Make sure you focus on both mental and physical well being every time you are on a wellness journey.

wellness journey

Eat Good

We are not telling you to diet. We do not believe in diets. All we want is for you to eat clean. Eat healthily and eat local. Do not fall for the junk food which is fired, oily and much greasy. It may taste good and give you momentary joy but in the long run its nothing but slow poison. Eat as much as you want but just eat clean. Eat the veggies and fruits, do not put too many spices in your food and keep oil minimum too.

Be with yourself

It is important to spend some time with yourself every day. This time can be the time when you meditate. Meditation is an integral part of the wellness journey. It unites you with yourself. It calms your mind down and keeps all kinds of anxiety away. If not meditation, go for a walk every day alone. Basically you just need to combine your physical activity with your “Me Time”.

Sleep Well and Stay Happy

If you do not sleep for about 7 hours a day, pls do not even start on the wellness journey. Moreover, you fix your sleep first and then get on with this. Make sure you sleep at least 7 hours a day (sound sleep) at any cost. Also, stress is a part of life for everyone; you just don’t need to fuel it with extra thoughts. Let the challenges come; do not let them take a toll on your physical or mental well being.


Take your time and let your body take time as well. With baby steps, get on to your wellness journey and keep attaining a healthy body and mind. Click here for more health blogs and follow us on Instagram.

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