When to Meditate

Meditation is more like a lifestyle these days. Meditation helps increase the concentration power, decreases the stress level and also benefit in plenty of health issues. Moreover, the benefits of meditation are more than you can count. The most important question that often comes across is that when to meditate.

Many people, who are beginners in meditation, often come across a lot of issues. Many find it difficult to sit idle or find a perfect position in which they can meditate. Also, the confusion about when to meditate, the right time for meditation is also there. To clear all this, we will start with the meditation basics for beginners.


When to Meditate

the right time for meditation

To find the right time for meditation is actually based on many aspects. The kind of work schedule and lifestyle that you have decided the right time to meditate. Let’s discuss each time of the day based on which you can choose when to meditate as per your convenience.


Early Morning

Most of the people try and do their meditation first thing in the morning. Moreover, the early morning meditation helps you gather enough energy for the entire day. Those are also the most peaceful hours of the day so concentration becomes easy, you can focus your attention on your breathing. However, for beginners, meditating for just 7 mins a day would also be enough.

Evenings / after work

Once you call it a day from your work, you are probably tired both physically and mentally. At that time if you want peace, nothing works better than meditation. Just change into something very comfortable and sit in a calm corner. If you ask me when to meditate, I personally choose this time as it’s the time when my mind is actually in need of relaxation.


When to Meditate

Before Bedtime

If you have difficulty in sleeping, you twist and turn but never get enough sleep; this is your answer for when to meditate. You can just sit on your bed, moreover just lie down, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. You won’t even know when your meditation will put you into a good sleep

Mid-day meditation

Another good time to meditate would be your lunch time. Just grab 10 minutes for yourself and you are sorted. The lunch hour meditation not only relaxes you of the stress you took since morning but also prepares you well to face another round of work day. Moreover, it is usually the post-lunchtime which is more difficult to survive in office, so meditation comes to your rescue keeping your mind fresh.


Did you find your answer for when to meditate? Choose your time and your place, something that works for you. Enjoy the bliss of meditation and the calmness of your mind and soul. For more updates, follow us.

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