Working Women’s guide to Staying Healthy
What I feel is that women are the real superheroes. Managing work, home and kids they can do everything with utmost perfection. What gets ignored in all this is their own health. So that’s the reason why we have today the “Working Women’s guide to Staying Healthy”. So here’s what every working woman can do to stay healthy and fit.

Clear that desk
Keeping your work desk clean is one thing and keeping it clear of any munchies is entirely different. We all have a habit to keep something or the other to munch in our desk and keep eating it every now and then. Stop that habit as its only adding some extra unhealthy calories to your life.

Take a Walk
After you finish having your lunch in the office, make sure you keep just 10 mins spare to just walk around. Keep a count in mind; you have to take 100 steps before you sit after having your lunch.

Pack Healthy things
In a rush to go to work, never compromise with what you pack for your lunch. Even healthier options come with some quick and easy recipes. Else what you can do is keep the things ready last night and just cook them and pack!

Start your mornings right
You are not going to get an extra minute for yourself on the whole day. Steal an extra hour first thing in the morning. Get up a little early and spend some time with your own self. Do a little exercise, plan your day, organize things and have “Me Time”.

Promise yourself to workout every day. If you can’t hit the gym, just go for a walk or do some yoga at home but make sure you do something for your body and fitness.

Never ignore your emotional well-being. Always stay cheerful and never let the toxic thoughts or people come around you. Remember, Life is what you make it!

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