Your daughter’s first period


Talking about periods is still considered a taboo. The irony is that this is one such thing that needs awareness and should be talked about. Especially, when our daughters get their first period. They should be well aware and should be able to understand their body. They should know why and what changes their body is undergoing and that it is completely normal.

Make sure that you prepare your daughter for her first period and give her the necessary information about it. Also, this is the time when we can actually initiate a change. Do not teach your daughter what your mother taught you at the time of your first period. Unless of course your mother also told you to be free to do anything while on your period. Do not teach her the same orthodox things like she is not supposed to do this and that while on a period.


Speaking of the first period, firstly, your daughter needs to be aware of it. Once she reaches that age, sit with her and initiate the topic. Chances are that her friends have already gotten their first period or they have discussed the topic amongst themselves. But any amount of knowledge is insufficient if it is not given by someone elder.

First Period talk with your daughter
Leave the hesitation

A little discomfort is normal. But while you are doing the first period talk, keep this hesitation aside. If you are reluctant to talk about this with your daughter, make sure to have another source ready. Maybe a very close family member, some informational videos or a book that answers all her queries.


Encourage the questions

Little knowledge is dangerous. It is obvious that she will have queries and a lot of them about her first period. Welcome the queries and answer them all with patience and clear information. This is not something that they will learn eventually on the way along. They need to be prepared.


Good spirit

Life is how you take it. Periods according to me are nothing to feel bad about. It is a part of every woman. Yes the period problems like pain, PMS and cramps are annoying but can you get away with these? If you can’t beat them, join them. Make them your friends and do not crib about it.


About PMS

Pre-menstrual Syndrome is something that turns us all to something which is entirely different than our usual self. Emotions at its peak so sometimes you may feel like crying over nothing, sometimes you would just turn into a fireball and may pick up fights. Cravings! How can we forget them? This is all hormones playing the game with us. Make your daughter understand that this is all really natural but she needs to keep her calm and play along.


first period talk

Extra care after the first period

Now the little girl is all grown up. There are changes that the body is going through. These hormonal changes demand extra care. Now she needs to eat well, rest well and exercise regularly. To keep her body healthy and to avoid unwanted period problems, good health is mandatory.


Make it Fun

Periods can’t be fun right? Wrong! Again, it will be the way you make it. When I got my first period, I got this lovely kit from my mother and it felt like some kind of legacy! (LOL). This kit had a couple of pads, a warm water bag, my favorite chocolates, sanitizer, and few more munchies. I call it my PMS survival kit! Get one for your little one too.


Kill the taboo

Its time we end the rubbish superstitions related to periods. Not coming into the kitchen, not going to a temple and all these baseless rituals that a girl is made to follow during her period. It’s because of these periods that we all come to this world. It’s a biological process, how can it be considered impure or something that should not be talked about. Its time we end these age-old perceptions and think of periods as what they are… a biological process. That’s it.


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