Yummy replacements to junk food


We all feel bad when we ditch our diets for our cravings. But those delicious flavorsome foods are all we can think of when we are tired, stressed, happy or just about any feeling takes us close to our guilty pleasures. But, what if we have some healthy alternative foods that taste equally yummy (well almost!) and also help satisfy that longing for junk food. Here we have listed some yummy replacements to junk food.



Protein bars instead of Chocolates


Protein bars and chocolates


Need we say anything about this replacement? It is obviously good to replace a bar full of sugar and calories with a low calorie protein bar. The best part about protein bars is that they are yummy and sometimes yummier than the normal chocolates! Try some and do tell us. 


Yogurt instead of Ice Cream


berry yogurt


Yogurts are filled with essential nutrients and proteins. They help in weight management as well keeping your weight in check. The best part about yogurts are probiotics. This bacteria helps in digestion which shows on your skin and body both. 


Peanut Butter toast instead of Desserts


peanut butter apple


Peanut butter is hell lot delicious! I don’t even consider it the replacement food… Try the peanut butter with apple and then we talk about it… For the weight watchers, the peanut butter toast is the most awaited snack of the day. 


Roasted Nuts instead of Chips

roasted nuts


Nuts are rich in calcium. Yes all of them are. Some nuts like almonds are rich in fiber and vitamin E as well. The moral of the story: nuts are anyday better than those deep fried potato chips. You like the crisp of your chips? Roast the nuts and savor the same flavor. 


Dried Berries instead of Candy


dried berries


The candies that we get in the market is nothing but some color flavor with lots and lots of sugar. If we suggest you something which is as delicious as nutrient rich? Grab a handful of berries. 


So next time hunger strikes you at 2 am, these are your 2 am friends to call! 😉 
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