5 Golden parenting rules for every parent


We have been doing a lot of research on various topics of parenting lately. What we found is that there are so many parents out there with so many questions in mind that need answers. Another interesting fact is that sometimes people tend to overthink all this and creates a huge mess. If you are won such parent, you have just landed on the right page. So sit back, grab your coffee and read on the 5 Golden parenting rules that you will keep thank us for!



Rule 1: A united front

You and your partner need to do this together. Every bit of being a parent and all the hard work associated with it needs to be shared. There are two things associated with this rule:

  1. You both will get a helping hand and will get to share a lot of moments with your children some of which are cherished throughout life.
  2. Your child will get a happier picture of the family. When one parent is available for the child and the other one is always missing, it creates a sense of insecurity and confusion in the child’s mind. You want your child to grow up being respectful towards both of you. If you are not involving your partner in the process you are actually undermining their respect for both of you.


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Rule 2: Consistency

Remember when you were a kid, your mom used to be ok with something one day and react completely differently the next day! For example: if your child talks back at you. One day you might find it funny and laugh it out but the next day your inner responsible mom may wake up and you scold the kid. This is one chaotic thing you can do to your kid. Your child needs to be completely clear about which behaviors are acceptable and which are not.



Rule3: Focus on the problem don’t be harsh to your kid

There can be many reasons why your child is facing certain issues. For example his bad grades, he not eating his food properly, making excuses so he doesn’t have to study. All these issues can be because of some serious reasons. Do not just keep scolding your child for all this, instead try and find the root cause and eliminate that.


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Rule4: Apologize

The best thing you can teach your child is to be considerate. You are his first and best teacher. In case you feel like you got your child wrong or you made some mistake, do not hesitate to apologize. This brings a sense of forgiveness in your child. Also, he will learn that he needs to apologize if he has done something unacceptable.


Rule5: Appreciate the Best

The ultimate goal of parenting is to help the child thrive physically, emotionally and psychologically. The child will grow only if he is provided with a positive atmosphere where he is praised for the things he does right. Never hesitate to say good things about your child and no this wouldn’t spoil him, this would help him grow. But make sure you only appreciate and not brag!



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