5 Makeup Tips you must know

Wake up and Makeup! Makeup tips are something every woman looks for. Someone telling you hacks of using different products in different ways is your best friend of course! Hence, I thought why not we deepen our friendship a bit and I share some effective makeup tips with you guys. These hacks will help you, travel light; save a lot of money, and make you a pro makeup lover… Let’s get started with the tips.

makeup tips

Getting Crow’s Feet? These fine lines around your eyes can be hidden in a lot of ways. Although these appear due to the loss of elasticity and that can be corrected with many treatments, better diet, and collagen. However, as we are discussing makeup tips today, the hack is to use some primer around your eyes.

To avoid Peach Fuzz. Let’s discuss what peach fuzz is first. The layer of a very small, tiny hairline on the face is called peach fuzz. To hide it, you need to apply the foundation in downward strokes. Also, your concealer can also help you with this. Choose the right shade and you are good to go! Isn’t it one of the best makeup tips you ever came across? [You May Also Like: All about Acrylic nails]

Getting the perfect Blush. The natural blush that gives a natural rosy look to your face has a secret to it. Reverse the order and apply the blush before foundation layer. Use perfect makeup brushes to get a clean, finished look.

makeup tipsAchieving the Instant Eye Lift. Grab that palette of yours and pick that highlighter from it. Put on a layer of highlighter right under the arch of the eyebrow and blend it super well. It will add a lift to your eye and make it look bigger and better. It will not just change your eye makeup game but will also add value to your face. Read next for some more amazing makeup tips.

To give a matte effect to your glossy lip shape. Yes, you actually can do it! To give matte look to your lipstick, simply apply some translucent powder over it. This will remove all the shine from your lips and will help your pout stay longer.

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