Adding these colors will bring joy to your home!


Be a pop of color in this black and white world! The quote stands true in so many different contexts. Colors are the power that influences the soul. The moment we think or talk about colors, there’s a spark that we see in our imaginative world. Color therapy is one such concept that explains how the colors impact your life. Learning the concept, you will know how a simple change in your home can uplift your spirits.


Color therapy for home


Researches have proved that our eyes connect with the colors and our brain releases certain hormones that have an emotional impact on us. The best proof of how colors impact us can be seen in restaurants and eating joints. Have you ever noticed why most of these places have red as the dominant color?


Well, the concept behind is that red stimulates hunger. Maximum yoga classes use white and blues for their calming effects. This all comes under color therapy. Choosing the right colors to be around you has the best impact on your life.



The happiness of you and your family can be linked to a good design. But when we say this, we do not mean you immediately start changing the colors of the walls or change the whole furniture. Small changes in your décor can do the job. The idea is abstract but it is not farfetched and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket if you do it wisely. We will tell you how!


Let’s begin with the top colors that you need to focus on



Orange is a joyful color. It is warm and inviting as well. Orange has a strong emotional presence and promotes strong personal relationships. Orange can be used in living rooms or at the places of gathering to encourage strong bond building.



Yellow is the color of optimism. It kills the signs of depression and brings out a cheerful mood. This color helps to control the temper and anger issues in babies as well as adults. So yellow is the best color for kid’s room.


color therapy for kids room


Now, this is the color to be used in your bedroom. Blue is the color of calm and relaxation. It instigates sleep and treats insomnia. But blue can’t be used in excess. It needs to be balanced with a warmer shade. So if your walls are blue, use warmer color curtains. This would ensure that the stress and anxiety of the whole day are instantly relieved as you enter your home.



In the places where you may have set your workspace, green can be of great help. Green is good for concentration and induces creativity. Green needs no adjustment in eyes hence it’s the most balanced color.


Easy ways to incorporate colors
  • Green color can be brought in the space by keeping plants around. Plants also give a sense of happiness and keep the mind fresh. It also helps keep the stress at bay.
  • To bring yellow in the kids’ room, you can just use a yellow colored bedsheet or a carpet would do the job.
  • Flowers are your best friends too. Bring the flowers of color you want to add to your home and you are good to go!


Opt for small things as all you need is your eyes to see the particular colors. Use color therapy and let us know what difference you experienced.

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