Arrange Marriages: Things you should check before

Marriages are made in heaven and there’s nothing denying the fact. Love or arranged marriages have a charm to them. The transition of life, new additions to life and a new phase make it special. However, there are few things that need to be taken care of during arrange marriages. Wanna know what those things are? Read on to know!

Things you should check before arrange marriages

arrange marriages

Unrealistic Expectations

Talk to your partner, meet each other often. As yours is an arranged alliance, it’s important that you talk about what your expectations are. Moreover, let your partner know what all you would do and what are the things that shouldn’t be expected from you. Try and come to a mutual agreement.


It’s not only the boy you will be marrying. You will have to deal with the whole family. Get involved with your parents in law and try to know their behaviors. Nobody is wrong or right, people are just not our way sometimes. Make sure you know them enough to be sure that you can easily be comfortable in being their family.

arrange marriages


Everybody carries the baggage of some kind or other. It is always advisable to talk about it. Let the other person know if you also have any kind of baggage. Ask your partner also for his past. You can’t build a strong relationship on a glass floor. For arrange marriages, we leave things for the future but not all things should be left without talking.

Work or no Work

It is your choice if you want to work or not after marriage. However, it is also your partner’s choice whether he needs a working wife or a homemaker. The only thing that needs to be done is to talk about it beforehand. This is that one thing that comes as surprises for many in arranging marriages. Make sure you make it clear to your partner about your choice.

arrange marriages

You are a daughter first

You getting married doesn’t mean you have to leave your parents. It just means you have to take care of both parents now. But you need to say this as well even if you feel that this is obvious. You get plenty of time in love marriages to read your partner’s mind. However, arrange marriages never come with such delights. In a short span if you want to make your point clear you can do it only by saying it upfront.

Speak up and be confident enough that you don’t have to make any compromises. Have a happy life ahead! Follow us on Facebook for more articles. Read more relationship-related articles here.

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