Read on to a few tips and tricks to avoid binge eating! 


De-clutter: Its time to bid adieu to all those candy bars and sodas lying in your fridge. They need to go out of your sight for you to not crave them! De-cluttering does not mean you would have to eat them all up and then start your diet! Give them to a friend or your household help or to anyone to savor.



Never get excessive hungry: The fact is that you crave foods when you are excessive hungry. This can be outsmarted by eating small healthy meals frequently.


Replace with healthy snacks: Switch foods and trick your body into thinking nothing has changed. Treat a sweet craving with an apple or a peanut butter toast may be! Ditch your chips for some handful of nuts… (not the same thing of course, but don’t you want that super healthy body?)


Hydrate: Next time when you crave for a certain food, try having a glass of water and wait for 10 mins. You will observe the craving fading away. This happens because the dehydration is often confused with hunger or craving.


More protein: Those who have eggs for breakfast would agree that they feel full for a considerably longer time period. That’s because proteins are filling and satisfactory foods. Eating more proteins will help keep your cravings on a back foot.