Baby moisturizer for face

Ask a new mom, how much she wants to give just the best to her baby. For that delicate, adorable little one, it needs a lot of research to understand what works best. Also, because a baby’s skin is so sensitive that a baby moisturizer for face has to be just the best. To help you with it, we have listed down below our top picks from baby moisturizer for face that are best out of the lot.

Wait Wait! Before we jumpstart and list the names, let’s consider the factors that must be taken care of while choosing a baby moisturizer for face.

  • No Preservatives: we don’t even need to mention here that skin allergies and irritations are a big no-no! So opt for a zero preservative baby moisturizer for face.
  • Paraben Free: more the natural, high it is on the recommended list. Parabens are the chemical compounds added to enhance the shelf life of the products.
  • No Synthetic Fragrances: use a natural unscented baby moisturizer for face.

baby moisturizer for face

Finally, its time we list the brand names! We know there are a few moms who just want to know the names and place the order! Keeping your trust in us intact, we promise to list only the best baby moisturizer for face.

Aveeno Baby Moisturizer

Moisturizing lotion with active naturals oat formula. With no artificial fragrances, Aveeno baby cream helps protect the delicate baby skin. It’s a nongreasy hence is best if your baby has oily skin. Aveeno boasts of the highest standards of ingredient selection.

Johnsons Baby moisturizing cream for face

Johnsons is probably the only brand which has made a big big mark in the baby skincare products industry. Suitable for every skin type in babies. It ensures that the soft and supple skin of your baby remains just like it! As an added benefit, it maintains the Ph balance of baby’s skin. Moreover, it is paraben-free, chemical-free and is full of good things.

Sebamed Baby Lotion

The baby moisturizer for face, especially for the infants is by Sebamed. Again, this one is also without any fragrance or colors. Non-irritating baby moisturizer and is readily absorbed by the skin giving a non-greasy, non-sticky soft and supple feel.

Mama earth Daily moisturizer

I have personally become a Mamaearth fan over the past few months. The first brand that makes safe baby care products that can be used without a second doubt. Talking about this daily moisturizer, it contains cocoa butter and shea which deeply nourish your baby’s skin. It has also been clinically approved to be used even by the mothers to treat dry nipples.

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

Whenever we write for the best (literally best) moisturizing lotions, Cetaphil will definitely make it a place in it. Safe for everyday use and does not contain any mineral or essential oils and is paraben-free. Best suited for dry skin as it has calendula which gives extra softness to the skin.

Using any of these baby moisturizer for face is completely safe and highly recommended. Buy now! For more parenting blogs, click here. For product reviews, follow us on Instagram.

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