Beautiful Destinations in India for Female Solo Travelers


There’s so much that nature has to offer. Foggy hills, snow-clad mountains, fascinating beaches, wide deserts, wildlife and so much more. The definition of travel has changed so much in these years that it has lost its true meaning. Only a true traveler knows that it’s not about choosing a foreign destination but about going deep into the less explored places in our own country. It’s not about staying in lavish hotels but to camp somewhere near the river or in the lap of the mountains.


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Thanks to social media people these days only want to visit places to let the world know they did! In its true meaning, according to me… Travelling is to connect with your own self, to feel the oneness with nature. It is about knowing what you do not know already! Hence, the concept of Solo traveling is fascinating to the core. There’s no fun in travel if you are not traveling alone or with someone who knows you and your definition of travel very well.


India has always been rich in heritage and nature. There are still so many places in India that have not been explored much. If we discuss every single destination, we can go on and on forever… So here is the list of 5 such destinations which should be on every Solo traveler’s bucket list. (with many other places of course!)




There’s so much more to Kasol than its hash of course! A small town on the banks of Parvati river and is surrounded by the mighty mountains. A captivating trek, camping on the banks of Parvati river in the valley, meeting a lot of hippies everything about kasol has a vibrant vibe mixed with the subtleness. Who needs an international holiday when the same and even better is here on our own land.


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Zanskar Valley

If you have been longing to go far far away from the crowd, this place is your calling. One of the most isolated Himalayan valley where nothing and no one comes between you and your inner soul. The connect that you feel here is difficult to be found anywhere else. The valley is in ever beautiful Ladakh region and its definitely a reason why you should now plan a visit there.




If you are a spiritual person and looking for going to a spiritual maintenance mode, book your tickets to Rishikesh. The feels that you get at the evening Ganga aarti are filled with good vibes. That’s not it, adventure sports have always been one reason why people chose to visit Rishikesh. Rafting, Bungee Jumping, cliff jumps, rappelling all can be experienced in Rishikesh.




The hidden treasure of Kerala. It is a coastal town in Kerala with a surreal cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea. The place gives you so much peace that you would just want to lie down on the beach and just watch the day go by.. To add to that there are many tourists spots to visit. Varkala is also known to be the house of various Ayurvedic spas and treatments. Explore that part of the town as well…


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This place should top your list for all the good reasons. There is so much to explore here that you would need a good one week at least. Man-made lake “Umiam” gives a beautiful view of the river bank amidst the tall mountains.  Crystal clear waters of Dawki are a true delight. You don’t need to dive in the waters to see what’s in there… it’s all just visible like that. Cherrapunji, which only has one season and that is rains and clouds (monsoons). Meghalaya is a storehouse of places that can make you want to stay there forever.


So just pack your bags with essentials, update your playlist with your favorite hits and go to a place where you have never been before!

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