Benefits of Hair Oiling


Hair are our important asset. Everyone fancy the black, lustrous, smooth hair that adds up to the everyday look. The fact behind is that those hair that we desire needs a lot of hard work. Hair Spas, hair oiling, the products you use everything reflects on your hair. The factor that we are discussing today is the age old method “Hair Oiling”. We are going to discuss the Benefits of Hair oiling.


Benefits of Hair Oiling with some pro-tips.


Food for hair

Your hair oil in simple language is the food for your hair. The natural oils that are least processed are packed with vitamins and micro-nutrients which are very essential for your hair. So buying a good hair oil is like correcting your hair diet.

Tip: You can buy the virgin coconut oil.


coconut oil for hair


Boosting the Hair Growth

Hair are made of protein and as we mentioned earlier, hair oil is the food you need to give it. Regular oil massage provides the necessary nutrient to the roots and promotes hair growth. The Hair oil is the only thing that goes deep into your hair roots and revitalizes the tissues. No shampoo could do that off course.


Stress Buster

Massaging the oil on to your scalp increases the blood circulation and relaxes your nerves. The best way to deal a stressful day and bad headache is hair oiling some times. It also soothes your nerves to a level to instigate good deep sleep.


Tip: Massaging with lukewarm oil works best for relaxing the nerves.


Best oil for hairfall


Strengthens roots and no hair-fall

We all have heard it from our mothers and grandmothers that the only way you can stop hairfall naturally is to oil your hair regularly. I still remember how my mother used to put oil in my hair and make a thick braid. Well, this age old formula still works the same way. I understand we can’t go to work with oil in or head. What best we can do is to get a good hair massage at least 3 hours before every wash.


Tip: some hair oils are proven to have shown benefits in hair re-growth. I recommend Indulekha hair oil.


Best oil for hairgrowth


Diet is another major thing that decides your hair volume and texture. Read this [Foods for Good Hair].
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