Best Syrup to increase appetite in babies and other home

Your child refusing to eat is actually a serious issue. Sometimes the kids don’t eat because they don’t like what you are serving. However, the reason can also be a loss of appetite. Now, the loss of appetite will come in the way of your baby’s growth. They won’t be able to attain a healthy weight and will not be able to grow both physically and mentally. As you can’t really make these small little munchkins take the pills, go for the syrup to increase appetite in babies.

To increase your child’s willingness towards food can get tough if they find the food unappealing. So along with the syrup to increase appetite in babies, you need to make some fun and appealing foods which are healthy also.

Best Syrup to increase appetite in babies and yummy foods

Before we even start, let’s be clear that we are not recommending any medicine or syrup here. We will just be provided with some options of syrup to increase appetite in babies. However, it is highly advised to consult your doctor before you start any. These syrups stimulate the appetite in babies and increase their hunger. One such syrup to increase appetite in babies is Cypon drops. You can give 2-3 drops after feeding the baby and it will help increase their appetite.

Another one is Neo Kids Appetite. You can give one teaspoon of this syrup 30 min before the meal and it will eventually increase the hunger.

syrup to increase appetite in babies

However, apart from the syrups and other medications, there are a few things that you can try to naturally induce hunger in your baby. Also, giving a syrup should only be done after detailed consultation with your doctor. Check out the other ways:

  • Give variety. Can you eat the same food every day? Then why you serve the babies with same cereal…
  • Breakdown the day into small meals. Give something every 2 hours.
  • Start small like with just one bite and eventually increase the portion size.
  • Try and find out the reason behind the loss of appetite and work on that first.

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