Firstcry baby products that every parent should buy

Firstcry baby products that every parent should buy

Firstcry baby products that every parent should buy

Babies are special and so is everything associated with them. When it comes to choosing baby care products, there are a few brands that we can trust in India. Firstcry baby products are definitely there on the list. This is why we have listed some of the best firstcry baby products that every parent should consider buying for their little ones. Wanna know which these products are? Keep reading until the end.

List of firstcry baby products that every parent should consider buying

firstcry baby products


Baby Bather

As your little one grows a little bit, you would need a baby bather to help bathe nicely. The baby bather is made so nicely that the baby loves his bath time. Easy to carry and maintain, the baby bathers are designed keeping in mind the choices that your baby might have. You will find different colors and prints that even your baby will fall in love with. Padded arm and leg area to ensure 100% comfort. Anti-skid base so that it never slips away. Amongst all the firstcry baby products the baby bather is our favorite!

firstcry baby products

Potty Chair

Most mothers face issues while potty training their kids. But the firstcry baby products are here to make the experience fun! The adorable, comfortably designed potty chairs which your kid would love to just sit on. Attractive designs with giraffes, cars and all those amazing forms. Wide seat with smooth edges to ensure the baby sits well. We are not done yet, let’s check out other firstcry baby products.

firstcry baby products


It is important to sterilize the bottles and nipples before feeding your baby. Firstcry baby products include sterilizers from various brands that fit in every budget and need. You can use this sterilizer to warm the bottle, has a baby food container and sterilizer set. These products are BPA free and kill 99.9% of bacteria. We swear by this one and highly recommend you buy this for your baby.

firstcry baby products

Gym play mat

No no, the baby doesn’t have to lift weights in here! This mat has many activities which help in the growth of the toddlers. There are lights, moving objects, sounds, and light to stimulate all the senses of the child. The kid can just lie on the mat and enjoy all the activities or after a few years, they can stand and indulge themselves with the activities.

More than that, there are a lot more products for kids of different age groups. Feeding accessories for infants to high cushioned seats for comfortable lunch treat of your baby. There are also products for breastfeeding mothers, games for growing kids and a lot more. Check out the firstcry website for more. Follow us on Facebook.

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Soha Ali Khan revealed Inaaya is crazy about lipsticks

Soha Ali Khan revealed Inaaya is crazy about lipsticks

Soha Ali Khan revealed Inaaya is crazy about lipsticks

A girl is her mothers’ best friend. Although daughters are their dad’s princesses but they are the shadows of their mother. Such is the bond between Soha Ali Khan and her daughter Inaaya Naumi. Soha has always revealed adorable little details about her daughter. She recently also revealed how Inaaya is crazy about lipsticks. Moreover, she even keeps sharing the pictures of Inaaya on social media and god that little munchkin is more than just adorable.

In a past interview, Soha talked about Inaaya being her priority. She also revealed that Inaaya is a naughty and very active kid. We are still exploring different shades of her and I must say she is more like Kunal and less me. She also said that all her attention currently is focused on project Inaaya and she is very single-minded about this. Baby Inaaya recently attended Misha and Zain’s birthday party with her parents. Speaking of that, Soha also talked about celebrating Inaaya’s birthday.

Soha said, “We celebrated her first birthday and I think Inaaya isn’t bothered about what we do. I also think that we should celebrate her 5th, 11th and 25th birthday. Although I am sure I won’t be invited for her 25th birthday. This time we won’t have a big blast but just a small family get-together.” In the same interview, Soha also shared how Inaaya has started copying her and that Inaaya is crazy about lipsticks.

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Babycino anyone?

A post shared by Soha (@sakpataudi) on

She said, “Inaaya is at an age where she does everything that I do. Today I was clicking a picture and she also posed like that. Inaaya is crazy about lipsticks. Off course I don’t give her lipsticks so I give lip balms. She knows what eyeliner is she knows what mascara is. It’s really difficult to keep her away from all this stuff. She copies everything that I do and I thus have to be super careful and responsible. ”

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Chhavi Mittal spending some “Me Time” betwixt her work and kids

Chhavi Mittal spending some “Me Time” betwixt her work and kids

Chhavi Mittal spending some “Me Time”

There is a huge transformation that a woman goes through once she has kids. Suddenly, its all about her kids, their upbringing, their needs. Moreover, even her day is run by her kids. There is no “Me time” at all for the lady of the house. However, times have really evolved for good. Thanks to the understanding husbands who don’t mind to share the daddy duties so that she can get a little time for herself. How do we know? Check out how Chhavi Mittal is spending some “Me Time” amidst her work and two kids.

Today we will talk about one such super mom, Chhavi Mittal. We have actually written a lot about this woman and she always gives something or the other to write even more about her. There is immense inspiration that a mother can draw from her words which are so so so relative. Let’s check out how Chhavi Mittal is spending some “Me Time”. Chhavi took to Instagram one more time to pour her thoughts on the same. She wrote,

“A mother. She does so many things all at once. She manages the house, feeds her babies, takes care of them, bathes them, attends to their tantrums, plays with them, teaches them, also manages her own work, her husband’s needs and in many cases her in-laws’ or her parents’ needs as well. But one more thing which is equally important for her own sanity is spending time with her. Me-time. What is it that you like to do and cannot find time for?

View this post on Instagram

Not so long ago I shared my birth story. Although I only spoke my heart about what I felt, without maligning anyone, I suffered verbal abuse, mockery, mental torture & trauma at the hands of some people from the "noble profession". It took time to sink in. But while I was robbed off my right to choose my birthing preference, I refuse to give up my right to choose positivity. Hence I choose hope. Because there were so many who rose up in my support. Hypno-birthing is a concept that has been adopted in the West already & it's only a matter of time before it is also accepted in our country. I promise you mothers, before it is time for our daughters to birth, things would have changed. And I request everyone who's reading this, to read it not as a professional, but as a human being first.. and think of my experience not as a stranger's or a celebrity's (I hate that word with a passion), but as your own or your daughter's, wife's, mother's or sister's. And while I may not have birthed the way I visualised, I'm still a better person thanks to hypno-birthing, because it not only gave me the courage to be prepared for everything, but also stay calm. And my faith is restored when a howling, unsettled Arham comes in mine or @mohithussein's arms, & our calm breaths calm him down. So thank you @mel.mgenovesi for taking me step by step through the Hypno-birthing process and holding my hand even today when I lose focus. Thank you @suzzannerebello for introducing me to this practice. Thank you @nataschachadha for reinstating my faith in it. Thank you @malik.ruth @birthindiaorg and @effath_yasmin and all the mothers who messaged me for not letting me crumble. And thank you many senior doctors for making my faith in this noble profession stronger than ever & believing that one rotten apple doesn't always spoil the barrel. #hypnobirthing ___________________ #birthing #mother #pregnant #pregnancy #chhavimittal #positivity #positivevibes #professionals

A post shared by Chhavi Mittal (@chhavihussein) on

Well, when I get really overwhelmed with all that I manage and need a break but can’t step out, I do really simple things like … I put on some music and do my hair! It takes me 15 min and makes me look and feel great! Or I put some bright lipstick on 😛. Sometimes I just wear a pretty dress. Trust me; these are simple things, but such mood uplifters! Not to mention, it’s amusing to see  @mohithussein reaction when he walks in the evening to find me feeding or massaging  @arhamhussein wearing red lipstick!”

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Baby moisturizer for face: Just the best for your little one

Baby moisturizer for face: Just the best for your little one

Baby moisturizer for face

Ask a new mom, how much she wants to give just the best to her baby. For that delicate, adorable little one, it needs a lot of research to understand what works best. Also, because a baby’s skin is so sensitive that a baby moisturizer for face has to be just the best. To help you with it, we have listed down below our top picks from baby moisturizer for face that are best out of the lot.

Wait Wait! Before we jumpstart and list the names, let’s consider the factors that must be taken care of while choosing a baby moisturizer for face.

  • No Preservatives: we don’t even need to mention here that skin allergies and irritations are a big no-no! So opt for a zero preservative baby moisturizer for face.
  • Paraben Free: more the natural, high it is on the recommended list. Parabens are the chemical compounds added to enhance the shelf life of the products.
  • No Synthetic Fragrances: use a natural unscented baby moisturizer for face.

baby moisturizer for face

Finally, its time we list the brand names! We know there are a few moms who just want to know the names and place the order! Keeping your trust in us intact, we promise to list only the best baby moisturizer for face.

Aveeno Baby Moisturizer

Moisturizing lotion with active naturals oat formula. With no artificial fragrances, Aveeno baby cream helps protect the delicate baby skin. It’s a nongreasy hence is best if your baby has oily skin. Aveeno boasts of the highest standards of ingredient selection.

Johnsons Baby moisturizing cream for face

Johnsons is probably the only brand which has made a big big mark in the baby skincare products industry. Suitable for every skin type in babies. It ensures that the soft and supple skin of your baby remains just like it! As an added benefit, it maintains the Ph balance of baby’s skin. Moreover, it is paraben-free, chemical-free and is full of good things.

Sebamed Baby Lotion

The baby moisturizer for face, especially for the infants is by Sebamed. Again, this one is also without any fragrance or colors. Non-irritating baby moisturizer and is readily absorbed by the skin giving a non-greasy, non-sticky soft and supple feel.

Mama earth Daily moisturizer

I have personally become a Mamaearth fan over the past few months. The first brand that makes safe baby care products that can be used without a second doubt. Talking about this daily moisturizer, it contains cocoa butter and shea which deeply nourish your baby’s skin. It has also been clinically approved to be used even by the mothers to treat dry nipples.

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

Whenever we write for the best (literally best) moisturizing lotions, Cetaphil will definitely make it a place in it. Safe for everyday use and does not contain any mineral or essential oils and is paraben-free. Best suited for dry skin as it has calendula which gives extra softness to the skin.

Using any of these baby moisturizer for face is completely safe and highly recommended. Buy now! For more parenting blogs, click here. For product reviews, follow us on Instagram.

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Newborn Baby Care Products List: Know what’s best for your little one

Newborn Baby Care Products List: Know what’s best for your little one

Newborn Baby Care Products List

It is a different kind of feeling when you hold your little one in your arms. Right from that moment, somewhere inside you decide to give just the best to your baby. Moreover, it does not just love but concern as well that makes your search for newborn baby care products list. From skincare products to feeding products, from clothes to carrying gears. There’s a lot that you look for to make sure your baby only gets the best. So today, understanding what all the mothers need, we are providing you with newborn baby care products list that has been made after days of research.


Make arrangements for the poop first! You don’t want your baby to get all dirty, do you? Make sure you buy disposable diapers and they have to be of good quality. We recommend pampers as they are super soft and gentle. Also, it is important to change the diaper on time to ensure there are no rashes involved! 

Suggestion: Do not make your baby wear a diaper all the time. So in this baby care products list, add some cotton diapers as well.

newborn baby care products list

Diaper Rash Cream

So this is a sad reality. No matter which diaper brand you use, there are high chances of getting rashes. However, a good diaper rash cream is all you need. You can buy the sebamed diaper rash cream. Alternatively, you can consult your pediatrician for what works best for your baby.


Cotton is your little one’s best friend. Buy the super soft clothing which is loose and not very flashy ones. However, do not buy too many clothes as babies grow too fast and soon these infant clothes will be of no use to you. So, you need a few onesies, a super soft swaddle cloth and also add some loose open head or front button t-shirts to your newborn baby care products list.

Baby Grooming Kit

Yes of course! These little munchkins also need a grooming kit. A nail clipper, ultra soft hair brush, Baby Cream, and Body wash. Now, these are some really important products which you need to buy after researching a lot and consulting your pediatrician as well. Also, keep in mind that these are the products that are directly concerned with your baby’s health. Clean nails and a clean body is inevitable. 

For the accessories, visit the first cry store and choose your favorites. For skincare, we recommend Aveeno baby products. Add these to your newborn baby care products list.

newborn baby care products list

Baby Bedding

Under this section, your newborn baby care products list is going to be filled with mattress sheets, bassinet, cots, and cradles. All these can be bought from a baby store. However, you need to carefully check your baby’s cot, baby proof it for any sharp edges. Also, for your baby’s outdoor activities, don’t forget to buy a car seat, stroller or a walker depending upon your baby’s age. After all, your baby’s comfort is super important. 


Right from day1; make sure you give the toys that help your baby groom as an individual. Encourage sounds and colors. Make your baby hear some soothing music while trying to sleep. Also, make sure you play some rhymes and baby songs as well. That is the easiest way to make babies learn things. They increase the imagination in a child hence help in rapid growth.


All the best with raising your baby. If we might have forgotten anything in the newborn baby care products list, do let us know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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Pregnancy Symptoms: First signs to take the Hint

Pregnancy Symptoms: First signs to take the Hint

Pregnancy Symptoms

Every woman is different, so is every pregnancy. Also, the skipped period is not the only sign to predict pregnancy. Moreover, even before you skip the first period, other pregnancy symptoms start showing. The symptoms can vary the intensity, duration, and frequency. If you are also planning to start a family, these early signs can give you a hint.

Before you plan to take the home pregnancy test, there are certain ways in which your body reveals that it might be time! Every woman may not experience the same pregnancy symptoms but the main symptoms remain the same. Also, it might not always be the case that these are pregnancy symptoms only. However, if you feel a couple of these symptoms, there are very high chances you are going to hear the good news…


Pregnancy Symptoms to take the hint


Pregnancy Symptoms

Implantation Bleeding and mild Cramping

Just a little spot anywhere in the time of 10 to 15 days after fertilization is called the implantation bleeding. This bleeding occurs when the egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. The bleeding is very light in color and is not at all like the normal period. This indication will accompany with a little cramping.

Fatigue and Nausea

Early pregnancy symptoms include tiredness, sore muscles, and low blood pressure. The high level of progesterone puts the woman to sleep. Morning sickness is another pregnancy sign. Nausea can hit you at any time in the day and you might even throw up sometime. Nausea can be triggered by certain smells which vary from woman to woman.

Mood swings

Prominent symptoms include mood swings. A pregnant woman can have quick mood swings. One moment they might feel happy and elevated and another moment you might see them getting emotional. These symptoms usually occur in the first trimester.


Pregnancy Symptoms

Body changes

With the fertilization process, the body shows certain changes. The breasts will get tender and will feel swollen. The other pregnancy symptoms include headaches, constipation, and frequent urge to pee, acidity and lower back pain. Although the intensity of these pregnancy symptoms varies from woman to woman and their duration is also not certain.

Missed Period

Ok, so this one is the most assuring of all the pregnancy signs. Once you skip the period, it’s quite obvious that you are pregnant. You might ignore the other indications until you really miss your cycle.


However, none of these symptoms are unique to pregnancy. But if you experience a couple of these symptoms while you are also in the process of getting pregnant, these are the obvious indications. For more pregnancy-related articles, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook.

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