How to Stop Hair Fall and Get Thick Hair

How to Stop Hair Fall and Get Thick Hair

How to Stop Hair Fall and Get Thick Hair

If you have been searching for how to stop hair fall and get thick hair, your search ends here! If you are losing more hair than normal, you need to be concerned. It can be due to many reasons which may include, stress, pregnancy, nutrient deficiency, or hereditary factors. My research and solutions are based on all the above-mentioned factors. I would also want to mention here that these techniques don’t stop your hair fall in one day, it’s a gradual process. How to stop hair fall and thick hair? Keep reading…

how to stop hair fall and get thick hair

Hair Oil Massage

The first thing is definitely going to be an oil massage. When we look for the options for how to stop hair fall and get thick hair, oil massage tops the list. Choose good oil; see if you can find the natural ones. Coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil are definitely your friends. For best results, you can mix all three keeping the castor oil quantity one-third of the others. Massage your hair before you wash your hair every time. You need not keep the oil in your hair overnight, I always say that one hour will be just enough because the trick is massage not keeping the oil in!

Wash Routine

You have to keep a balance, do not over wash your hair and at the same time do not under wash as well. Keep a gap of at least two days between two hair washes. Also, chose a gentle, mild shampoo. Look for the paraben and sulfate-free options. There are many options available in the market these days.

The next thing in your wash routine would be the use of a conditioner. Yes, you cannot skip the conditioning part. Better if you use the conditioner from the same brand as your shampoo so that the composition matches. More tips on how to stop hair fall and thick hair? Keep reading…

how to stop hair fall and get thick hair


Use a wooden comb to brush your hair. Wide-tooth wooden combs eliminated the risk of hair breakage due to static electricity produced by plastic combs. Also never brush your hair when they are wet. Let your hair dry completely before you untangle them. Another pro-tip is to comb your hair down-up while you are untangling them.

Hair Spa at home

Spas are relaxing and your strands love them too! Indulge in a hair spa regime at home. For this follow these steps:

  • Massage your hair with good hot oil for about 20 minutes.
  • Now take a clean towel and wet it in lukewarm water and ring dry.
  • Wrap this towel around your head for about half an hour. You can keep dipping the towel again and again if you feel it’s not giving enough steam to your hair.
  • Remove the towel after half an hour and follow your wash routine.

Note: you can replace the oil with a good hair mask and if you have a hair steamer, nothing like it!

Trim your hair

Trimming actually helps. It strengthens the hair; removes dry, split, and brittle hair hence making them less prone to breakage. As suggested, trimming should be done every 3 months. You don’t have to go for a salon only, if you can do it at home also it’s fine! It’s just the trim.

how to stop hair fall and get thick hair

Eat Good

If the issue is nutrition, and you need to know how to stop hair fall and get thick hair, diet is your answer. Consume vitamin C rich foods like amla, oranges, sweet lime, and strawberries to improve hair strength, shine, and thickness of your hair.

Stay hydrated, drink enough water as dehydration can lead to dry, frizzy, and lifeless hair. Make it a point to drink 2-3 liters of water every day. Avoid drinking sweetened juices or frizz drinks.

Increase your protein intake, consume lentils, eggs, fish soybean, and nuts. You can also include veggies like carrot, bottle guard, pumpkin, ladyfinger and there are many more options.

While you research how to stop hair fall and get thick hair, you need to know that it’s all about the external-internal balance. You need to eat good, follow a proper hair care regime as well as keep your self mentally relaxed. For more hair care tips, click here. Follow me on Instagram for product recommendations.

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Made my own Maybelline Makeup Kit: Checkout What I Added

Made my own Maybelline Makeup Kit: Checkout What I Added

Made my own Maybelline Makeup Kit: Checkout what I added

Whenever it comes to choosing the makeup products I have never met someone who can stick to just one brand. But this time I decided to stick to one brand and get the entire range of products that I use. The brand I chose is my all-time favorite “Maybelline”. So check out the products that I bought to make my own Maybelline makeup kit. [You may like to read: 5 makeup tips every girl must know.]

From makeup base to even the nail paints, every little thing is from Maybelline. The list of products that I am going to put below is completely what I use. Other than these, there is a wide range of products that you can put in your Maybelline makeup kit. Check out

maybelline makeup kit

Maybelline Face Studio Master Primer

The master primer helps to create that perfect canvas before you go ahead and doll up your face. Moreover, using the primer will ensure that the makeup stays up for a longer period of time. One can use the primer as a base before applying your foundation or just as it is to give that illuminating effect. So the first thing that goes into my Maybelline makeup kit is the master primer.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Yes, I love the fit me range. So when it came to choosing the foundation, I picked out the foundation from it to get into my Maybelline makeup kit. The biggest reason why I buy this is that it goes well with my oily skin. Also, it blends so so so well and gives good coverage. Matte finish that gives a natural look and feel. I suggest you guys buy the tube pack to test your shade and then go for the bigger bottle.maybelline makeup kit

Maybelline Fit Me Compact

If you are aiming for a perfect finish, you definitely need a compact. Get the same shade as your foundation and I promise you a perfect look. Completely safe for everyday use, gives a matte finish, no paraben!! Stays for good 6-7 hours and then a little dab would be enough. Adds glow to your face and prevent it from looking dull and lifeless. It also has SPF so added sun protection. 

Maybelline Dark Spot Eraser

Instantly covers up the dark spots or any spots/blemishes that you might want to erase. Also, it claims to remove the dark spots after consistent use of 4 weeks. I am yet to find out! For me, it acts as a corrector to even out any mismatch or dark spot on my face.maybelline makeup kitMaybelline Volume Express Mascara


False lashes? Not anymore! The Maybelline volume express mascara has always got your back. I put this mascara in my Maybelline makeup kit and I couldn’t have asked for more. No sticky heavy feel, perfectly lined eyeliner feel. It also added volume to my eyelashes and made my eyes look bigger! It does come out if you wash your face or remove your makeup but all in all, it stays for as long as you don’t remove it.

Maybelline Lip Colours

Now, this is where you are going to get confused. You will feel like buying all shades of all kinds. Well, if you can you should! Who’s stopping you but if you need to make a choice, I picked out the super stay ones. It stays for a really long time and never cake or transfer. You will get a choice of total of 30 shades from which you can pick the ones you like. Makes the lips feel soft and supple.


That’s it! I am not the blush on kind of a person so that’s all that I put in my Maybelline makeup kit. For more such blogs, click here. For product reviews, follow us on Instagram.

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Skincare Products that Changed my Skin for Good

Skincare Products that Changed my Skin for Good

Skincare products that changed my skin for good

“Skincare” the word is as deep and vast as the oceans. Choosing the right product for yourself to adopting a new skincare routine, everything seems like a big risk. So I did gather the courage to take some risks and try some new products after a lot (a lot!) of research. [By the way, did you read this: 5 makeup tips every girl must know.]

Here’s the list of skincare products that changed my skin for good. If you are a girl/ woman with sensitive and combination skin, you definitely need these in your life! Before I start, as I always mention, every skin is different. What worked for me, might not work for you. However, you can give these a try and am sure 98% of the woman with combination skin will find these useful. Before you get bored, let discuss the skincare products.

skincare products

Its Skin aloe relaxing Serum

Justifies its name completely as it’s very soothing and relaxing. Helps give an instant fresh feel along with the right amount of moisture to the skin. Aloe Vera extract helps give a calming effect and helps eliminate dullness. It also evens the skin tone and improves elasticity. If I have to put it in simple words, after applying this serum I never look for any other cream or lotion.
skincare productsVC Cleansing Foam

Oily T-Zone? Not anymore! I have been struggling to find one facial cleanser that doesn’t dry out my face but fights with my oily t-zone as well. (combination skin issues uggghh!) VC cleansing foam again by “Its Skin” solved the purpose for me. Vitamin C and Camellia leaf extract help brighten the skin visibly. Provides a visibly bright and fresh look to the dull, dehydrated skin. You will ACTUALLY see your skin just lighting up after using it for a few days.

NOTE: I got its skin products from the beauty talk India. They always have offers going on so you can try your hands on them!

skincare products

Himalaya Neem Face Pack

Another one I always swear by! Have been using this since forever… I did found many other face masks that suited my skin type but somehow the neem pack by Himalaya always been a constant. The fact that it acts as an exfoliator as we wash it off works big time for me. However, if I still have to give take another option, it would be the beet and hibiscus face scrub/ mask by “The Basic Organics”. Both these masks brighten the skin, exfoliate well, remove the dirt and give a visible glow.

Patanjali Aloe Vera

Ok, so I know many of you wouldn’t agree with me on this! However the truth be told, the aloe vera gel by Patanjali has always been in my skincare routine. It dealt with my acne as well as the acne scare so well that I never even thought about replacing it with anything else.
How I use it: I apply the gel after cleansing my face with a facial cleanser. Keep it for about an hour and wash off. Followed by a good gel moisturizer. This has been keeping my acne away for ages now!

skincare productsNight Serum by Kama Ayurveda

From the wide range of skincare products related to night skincare, I choose and stand by this night serum. It is true that your skin repairs itself at night while you sleep. So you better feed it with good products to help do the repair work better! If you are in your late twenties, it’s the perfect time to start using this product. It helps slow down the aging process, removes fine lines, and helps fight pigmentation as well.

Hope this list of skincare products that changed my skincare game proves beneficial to you as well! It’s simple, easily available, no fuss, and 100% honest. For more such blogs, click here. For product reviews, follow me on Instagram!

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5 Makeup Tips you must know

5 Makeup Tips you must know

5 Makeup Tips you must know

Wake up and Makeup! Makeup tips are something every woman looks for. Someone telling you hacks of using different products in different ways is your best friend of course! Hence, I thought why not we deepen our friendship a bit and I share some effective makeup tips with you guys. These hacks will help you, travel light; save a lot of money, and make you a pro makeup lover… Let’s get started with the tips.

makeup tips

Getting Crow’s Feet? These fine lines around your eyes can be hidden in a lot of ways. Although these appear due to the loss of elasticity and that can be corrected with many treatments, better diet, and collagen. However, as we are discussing makeup tips today, the hack is to use some primer around your eyes.

To avoid Peach Fuzz. Let’s discuss what peach fuzz is first. The layer of a very small, tiny hairline on the face is called peach fuzz. To hide it, you need to apply the foundation in downward strokes. Also, your concealer can also help you with this. Choose the right shade and you are good to go! Isn’t it one of the best makeup tips you ever came across? [You May Also Like: All about Acrylic nails]

Getting the perfect Blush. The natural blush that gives a natural rosy look to your face has a secret to it. Reverse the order and apply the blush before foundation layer. Use perfect makeup brushes to get a clean, finished look.

makeup tipsAchieving the Instant Eye Lift. Grab that palette of yours and pick that highlighter from it. Put on a layer of highlighter right under the arch of the eyebrow and blend it super well. It will add a lift to your eye and make it look bigger and better. It will not just change your eye makeup game but will also add value to your face. Read next for some more amazing makeup tips.

To give a matte effect to your glossy lip shape. Yes, you actually can do it! To give matte look to your lipstick, simply apply some translucent powder over it. This will remove all the shine from your lips and will help your pout stay longer.

Keep following me on Instagram and click here for more makeup tips. See you at the next one!

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Best Retinol Creams: Benefits and Recommended Brands

Best Retinol Creams: Benefits and Recommended Brands

Best Retinol Creams: Benefits and recommended brands

Skincare is our favorite and you sure know that by now! Retinol is our highlight ingredient of the day. Dermatologists consider Retinol as the holy grail of wrinkle-free youthful skin. Moreover, apart from its anti-aging properties, retinol creams are also useful in getting rid of any scars or uneven skin tone. Retinol creams are also the main focus of every Korean skincare routine. What is retinol, what are some of the best retinol creams and what are the exact benefits, we will discuss it all in this article.


It is the synthetic derivative of Vitamin A. Found mostly in carrots, eggs, and sweet potatoes. Retinol alters the aging signs of the skin. The signs of aging generally start coming as you enter the 30s squad. For anyone who is into skincare and is going to hit the 30s, retinol is something to swear by!

Benefits of Retinol

We will talk about the skincare benefits of retinol creams in general. When used in the anti-aging creams, this gold standard ingredient alters the aging effects and makes the skin work and look in a youthful manner. By aging we are not only referring to wrinkles. Aging signs are plenty. This includes, uneven skin tone, your skin losing that texture, losing the natural shine and dehydrated skin. So benefits of retinol creams include:

  • Minimizes breakouts as it regulated oily skin.
  • Help reduce the dark spots due to sunburn, acne, or age spots.
  • Gives smoother and brighter looking skin.
  • Alters the fine lines.

Now let’s move on to the best retinol creams that are available in the market. Before we start, yes we agree nothing works better than the diet! The food that you put in your body has much more to do with how you look than any cream you put. But if you have a perfect balance of both, you can’t even imagine how your skin will glow! [You may like to read: Natural Glowing Skin Tips.]

Neutrogena Oil retinol serum

So when I had my first encounter with acne, Neutrogena was my go-to brand for a very long time. Needless to mention that it works wonders for people with oily skin. It maintains the oil balance as well as keep your skin hydrated. Moreover, it also helps reduce any fine lines and lift the wrinkles giving you a shinier youthful skin.

Makeup Revolution Fine Line Correcting Serum

An all-round skin booster. It helps lift the fine lines using the super ingredient Retinol. It encourages the natural cell turnover to reveal smoother skin, with even skin tone and brighter complexion. Ideal to use for people with any skin type and you can include this one in your night skincare routine. This way the serum works entire night.retinol creams

LookX Retinol Cream

Expensive! But it’s worth. If you are ready to invest the amount, give it a try for sure. Keep the skin optimally hydrated, maintains youthful shine and glow. Protects the skin against UV rays and any kind of skin damage. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that its basically all your skin needs. [You may like to read: Best creams for glowing skin.]

Other than these, there are some affordable retinol creams as well in the market which are equally good! They might take a little time to yield results but will be worth the wait! Our recommendation would be:retinol creams

Its Skin

Hyaluronic moisturizing cream by its skin comes in many ranges. They have an aloe vera range for people with extremely oily skin and the basic one which anyone can use! It optimizes the collagen level in your skin and leaves it plump and hydrated. With intense moisturization, this cream proves as the boon for your skin.retinol creams


Another brand that works primarily on anti-aging factors, bring to you the age protect cream with this powerful ingredient. Now you know what is the basis of their claim that it reduces the signs of aging within a few days of use! To get clear skin with no fine lines, no dullness, make olay your best friend!

I hope you liked the article and the products listed. You can try these or suggest us some more creams that you think should definitely be there in this list! For more product reviews, follow us on Instagram. For more skincare tips, click here!

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Makeup Remover Wipes for Sensitive Skin: Brands and DIY

Makeup Remover Wipes for Sensitive Skin: Brands and DIY

Makeup Remover wipes for sensitive skin: Brands and DIY

To get ready and look pretty is every girl’s right. But to look gorgeous and to get healthy skin, there is a lot of hard work behind. One such step that you have to have in your daily skin care is to remove makeup at night! Remove every little trace of makeup from your face as the first step of your night skincare. Makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin is what we are going to talk about today! Admit it, makeup remover wipes are the most convenient way to remove makeup from your face. Just wipe and you are done! They are every lazy girls’ best friend.

Now there is plenty of makeup remover wipes available in the market. Which one to use? Hold on! That’s what we are here for… We are going to discuss the best makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin that are available in the market as well as the ones you can make at home.

makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin

Makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin available in the market

 NIVEA micellar water, skin breathe rose wipes

Although these wipes by Nivea are made for all skin types the infusion of rose water in it, makes it all the more beneficial for sensitive skin. These can be used to wipe both intense eye makeup and moderate face makeup. The best part is that you actually don’t need any cleaning after that! Don’t you want to buy them right away? Go Ahead…

makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin

Neutrogena Makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin

Do you think you can’t remove the waterproof mascara with these wipes? Guess you never used the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. They have a pleasant smell and extremely gentle on the skin. Zero smudge which ensures you don’t need to wash, cleanse or wipe your face afterwards. The only thing that would bother you a bit is the cost! Yes, it’s a little expensive but never mind, we have many other options.

Colorbar on the go makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin

Are you a sucker for vibrant colors? If yes, you just found your thing! A pretty pink pack of colorbar wipes at an extremely reasonable rate. They are infused with glycerin, aloe vera and chamomile oil to clean and tone your skin at the same time. Removing all the traces of makeup along with providing a lot of moisturization and toning to your skin. So all you lazy girls out there, grab your pack now!

makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin

So as we have seen, although the wipes are very easy and effective to use but expensive at the same time. You know us, don’t you? Here’s the DIY trick to make your own makeup remover wipes for sensitive skin.[You may also like to read: DIY skincare products.]

Things you need:
  • Coconut oil
  • Rose water
  • Mild liquid soap
  • water
  • cotton pads

In addition to these, depending on your skin type, you can use aloe vera gel, glycerin and many things. Just keep experimenting.

Mix all the above ingredients in a glass jar, filling it to exactly half. Fill this jar with the cotton balls. Just keep the jar as it is and the mixture gets absorbed in the cotton balls. Refrigerate this jar! Every time you need to wipe your makeup, take out the ball and enjoy the fresh, chilling wipes make just by you! Hope you liked the article about makeup remover wipes. For more such articles, click here. Also, follow us on Instagram.

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