Charts for Preschool Children

Teaching the kids is quite a work. Especially when they have just joined the pre-school and are just getting familiar with the school and everything related to it. Both parents, as well as the pre-school teachers, try all possible ways to ensure the child loves it and get adapted to it. However, one thing that comes as great help is the charts for preschool children. Moreover, charts are something which is fun, informative and funky!

The day you admit your child in the preschool, you need to go shop for the charts for preschool children. Make sure you get the right kind of charts starting with the basics and gradually moving towards the difficult ones. Moreover, charts can be used as the flashcards, as a décor on the board in the room. Also, within the notebooks.


Charts for Preschool Children

How to make use of charts for preschool children

Get started with basics

Do not jump onto the high mathematic calculations in the first stage. Get some alphabet charts, counting number charts, word sounds and shape charts. Get the prints of the charts for preschool children and do not just keep it as digital pictures.

Set a Routine

You need to set a fixed routine for learning the charts for preschool children. The best time can be before bedtime, in the evenings while it’s their playtime. In fact, you can make learning the charts a part of the study routine. Moreover, it is so much fun to learn from the charts rather than learning from boring notebooks.


Do not keep the charts folded and locked in a drawer. Moreover, they don’t need to be just taken out at the time of learning. Stick them out and use it as the décor. Place them somewhere where it is visible and every now and then try and take the attention towards them.


Charts for Preschool Children

Charts for preschool children to begin with
  • Alphabet charts: learning alphabets are basics and its best to start with them. Get a chart of alphabets that describes the sound of the alphabets as well. Keep reciting them whenever you get time.
  • Colors: the second best on the list of charts for preschool is the color chart. Learning the colors makes it easier to learn many other things as it helps in differentiating.
  • Counting: Just get a chart that shows counting numbers till 10. Once the kid is done learning it, get another one till 50 and so on.


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