DIY Skincare products you can try as you stay in

So in the next 21 days, we are all going to stay inside our home! Why not just stay connected and keep sharing some ideas on how we all are killing the time. We have here a list of DIY skincare products and cosmetic products that you can also try to make. Pamper yourself a lot, drink lots of water, watch what you eat and get a transformation done. [You may like to read: Skincare Quiz]

NOTE: Stay in your home and follow all the rules and instructions passed on by the government. Understand that it is for your own good. Together we will end up corona.

diy skincare products

List of DIY Skincare products
Oatmeal Body Scrub

The first one amongst the DIY skincare products is the body scrub. This scrub would be best for exfoliating the body and add to the relaxing bath. Ingredients you need are Oats, coconut oil, chamomile tea bags. Mix these three ingredients and make a thick paste. Do put a good amount of coconut oil so that the scrub is not too dry! Store it in a bottle and enjoy a lovely bath…

Lip Scrub

The next one amongst the DIY skincare products is the lip scrub! Sugar up… You need Brown sugar, white sugar, honey, and olive oil. Olive oil makes the lips soft, honey will help lighten the lip shade. Sugar will help exfoliate. Mix the ingredients and store them in a cute little container. Refrigerate it and its good to use for 15 days. Just gently scrub it on your lips and you are done!

diy skincare products

Face Pack

Beauty is in the homemade stuff (that’s what I believe). The one that we are going to talk about is the one that you all must have tried at some point.  Go to the kitchen and get some turmeric! Things you need: Turmeric, Multani Mitti, Gram Flour. For the powder, just mix these three keeping equal quantity. You can store this powder-like forever!

Try out these and stay tuned here, we will keep a series of skincare treatments that you can do at home! Hope you liked these DIY skincare products. Follow us on Instagram.


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