Friendship Day Gifts for Boyfriend

It’s not really a relationship if it doesn’t have the friendship factor in it. He is first and foremost your best friend and then the love of your life. Hence, you really need to think of buying friendship day gifts for boyfriend! Express your love towards your soulmate with most adorable and memorable friendship day gifts. This year, the special day is falling on the 4th of August and we just have a few days left before we get those gifts ready! Need help with the ideas? What else are we here for?!

List of ideas for friendship day gifts for boyfriend.

friendship day gifts for boyfriend


Make him feel a little classier and gift some man gifts to him! Cufflinks make for the best friendship day gifts for boyfriend. Moreover, you can add the funky element into this gift by opting for a trendy pair in the shape of a beer mug or likewise. Shop online or visit your nearest Archies store for it!


Name one guy who doesn’t drool over the gadgets! No, this doesn’t mean you need to shell a huge amount. Buy a nice pair of portable speakers, a trendy pair of headphones and there are a lot of other options. However, you actually need to know exactly what your partner’s interests lie in. Gadgets top the list of best friendship day gifts for boyfriend.

Booze Accessory

It’s a party every time you take your drink a new set of bar accessories. Now, do you really need us to mention the list here? Get some glasses or mugs that say the most sarcastic things! Bring out the party person in him; gift him the cocktail making tools! What else can be the best gift for a boyfriend? So the next house party, get ready to slurp some home-made cocktails!

Personalize it

Making a picture collage, a nice album containing pictures of both of you and bla bla… can we just keep that all for the valentines’ day? How about getting the best puns printed on a t-shirt for him? Or better still get the posters for him with his favorite character’s (fictional or non-fictional) dialogues written on it! The best friendship day gifts for boyfriend can have any of the above options and even all if you feel like…

Celebrate the day by celebrating your friendship with him. Have more interesting ideas for friendship day gifts? Come’ on list them down! For latest updates, follow us on Facebook!

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