Health tips for children of all age groups


Raising a child is no easy thing. As a parent, the major concern is always to give be able to maintain the good health of your child. To widen the concept a bit, good health is not only limited to physical health but mental and emotional health as well. Children these days need more attention towards this overall concept of good health.

There is so much information on the internet about child nutrition (read here: ) and overall development of a child but a very few talks about their emotional well being as well. So here we have Health tips for children on all age groups that concentrate on their overall well being.


Health tips for children


Eat Healthily

A healthy body is the house of sound mind. Everything begins here. All the parents know this and understand that they need to give good, fresh and healthy food to their child. To list a few super foods that should always be included in a child’s diet:
– Proteins in the form of eggs, lentils, dairy products.
– Green leafy vegetables
– Fresh fruits. Make them like the fruits by adding variety and making it look more colorful.
– Nuts and seeds.
– Less sugar intake. All the kids like sweets but it’s up to you to limit that intake. Sugars are not good. Period.


Be Active

If you think your child is always on the go, be glad, that’s what they are supposed to be! For the proper development of a child, it is very important he goes out to play, stays active and indulge in playtime. Make sure you make a habit of at least 60 mins of playtime (board games not included) for your child. Take him out in the park, make him play with a ball or indulge in some sport.


Health tips for children


Lesser Screen Time

Emotional or mental wellness is a concern here. Many parents just give their child the smartphone so that he/she doesn’t disturb them. A TV is many mothers go to thing when their child is cranky. Unknowingly you are doing big damage to your child’s health by doing this. These screens will not only take a toll on their physical health but also will hamper their emotional well being. Until your child goes out and meets real world people, he is just living in a zone that will eventually make him a loner.


Get enough sleep

Just because you have a habit of hitting the sack late, your child does not have to go through the same. Understand what their body needs. Children below 10 years of age are supposed to get at least 10 hours of sleep (toddlers not included) for the proper functioning of their brain. So next time you feel like your child is not concentrating well on things, check on his sleeping patterns.


Developing a healthy lifestyle is easy in the kids and these habits are what going to live with them forever. Make sure you raise a healthy kid and thus a fit adult. For more on parenting (click here) and follow us for more interesting topics.

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