How to do facial at home

Everybody should pamper their skin every day! There should be some regime that one must follow to ensure good skincare. So when we talk about pampering your skin at home, some facial at home is the best idea. Moreover, when you just need some home ingredients and no expensive products. The results? Better than your salon facial we bet!

We will follow the same steps but with the natural products. This facial at home can be done every week. Also, because it has natural ingredients, doing this facial often will never have any side-effects on your skin. So let’s get started with the steps for facial at home.

facial at home

Steps to do facial at home

  • Tie your hair up and use a hair band to make sure your hair doesn’t come on your face.
  • Take some cleansing milk on a ball of cotton and remove all your makeup. Make sure there is no makeup left on your face.
  • Now we will do a little massage. However, it’s a little difficult to relax the same way as you would in a salon but its all worth it!
  • Take some milk and add honey to it. Massage this liquid on your face for about 10 minutes.
  • After you are done massaging, take a facial tissue and wipe off the face.
  • Next step is exfoliation. Before we start, keep it clear that people with dry skin shouldn’t really use the harsh scrubs.
  • Make a homemade facial scrub, Take some sugar, add honey and lemon juice in equal quantities. Mix it up and gently exfoliate your skin with it.
  • This just needs to be done for 5 minutes and then wipe the face with facial tissue.


facial at home

Step 4
  • Steam time! Steam will open up your pores and will also help relax your skin.
  • Just heat some water in a pan and use it in the 4th step for your facial at home.
  • Take steam for about 15 minutes and again use the facial tissues to wipe the sweat away.
Step 5
  • Wipe your face completely using a facial tissue.
  • Choose a face pack that suits your skin. For instance, dry skin people should use Multani mitti with milk face pack for your facial at home. For oily skin, replace milk with rose water.
  • Let the face pack dry completely and then wash off.
Step 6


Follow all these steps thoroughly every time you do the facial at home. Do let us know how your experience was! For more skincare tips, click here. Also, follow us on Facebook.

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